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Even Jon Stewart is shocked by the people at the DNC

Thursday, Sep 6, 2012 at 4:27 PM EDT
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The Democratic party truly is the big tent party! That is unless you 
are: white male, own a gun, religious, a Tea Party member, believe in 
small government, pro-choice, high school educated, believe in 
Creationism, anti-union, live outside of New York, live outside of 
California. You know, maybe they aren't really as big of a tent as 
they pretend to be. In fact, their hypocritical intolerance of anyone 
who disagrees with their beliefs was so bad that even Jon Stewart and 
the team at The Daily Show had to mock it!


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Some highlights:

VOICE: Basically we're Latinos, Hispanics, we're blacks, we're the 
LGBT community, we're women, we're par.

JONES: Everyone's welcome.

VOICE: Everyone's welcome.

JONES: Except?

VOICE: Except unless you own a corporation or if you're a hunter, a 
gun owner, white males.

And then there was this one:

VOICE: They're a bunch of gun toting hillbilly Tea Partiers. That's 
all I have to say. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

And this one:

VOICE: Pot bellied.

VOICE: Church going.

VOICE: Small minded.

VOICE: Anti science.

VOICE: A bunch of Yosemite Sam hillbillies.

VOICE: Whack job evangelicals, gun nuts.

VOICE: They don't want to hear a message of difference and of hope.

"What kills me is they don't see any of it.  They just don't see any 
of it.  They don't see how they're being wildly bigoted.  'We're 
inclusive, except for those people over there.'  Oh, my gosh.  We 
don't  we certainly don't want any of those gun people," Glenn said.

"Here's how open minded I am.  I have friends who are atheists, I 
have friends who are Democrats, I have friends who are darn near 
communists, socialists, and I think they're good people.  I will tell 
them that I think they're wrong.  And we have an open and honest 
debate.  But what we have in common is more important.  They're 
decent people.  They don't hate freedom.  They don't hate 
America.  And they're also willing to have an honest conversation 
with me and if I make a good point, they'll say, "Wait a minute, wait 
a minute, holy crap, that makes sense."  And they'll come back to me 
two, three months later and say, "I've really been thinking about 
that."  And I've done the same with them.  My Communist friend George 
Lange who's not actually a Communist but I like to call him that 
because he's always like, 'I'm not a Communist.'  'Yeah, you are, George.'"

"He has changed my course. He really has. He's probably, next to God, 
next in line of being responsible for Restoring Love. Because he 
opened my mind on language. He said to me on the mall, he said, 
'Glenn, I haven't heard you talk about love.' I said, 'George, you 
communists are all alike. This whole thing is about love.' And he 
said, 'Language matters, Glenn. Half of the country never heard you 
say the word love. And we've had a two year conversation about this.' 
And he taught me how his side sees things, and I've taught him how 
our side sees things and that really we're the ones that are seeing 
it the same way. And when he said to me at Restoring Love, "Glenn, my 
side talks about utopia, but your guy you guys are actually building 
it. You're doing it. This is it! This is what my side always says we 
should be like and you're doing it!" Victory. Victory. That's how 
that's where you are open minded. You say to your principles. But 
you're open minded enough to be able to bring other people in and 
have a real true exchange of ideas with respect. You win," he said.
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