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John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Fri Sep 7 11:16:03 MDT 2012

         I found it extremely annoying that the paper I used to work 
for had on the front page today (below the fold), this gushing 
propaganda from the AP: "Clinton Adds New Hurdle For Romney" Are they 
freaking SERIOUS?!? Charles Babington was the AP smurf who wrote the 
story. This isn't front page stuff and secondly, it's total 
conjecture! When I was there, the old dogs knew that you NEVER put 
commentary on the front page - no matter who it glorifies!

At 09:10 AM 9/7/2012, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>I found it extremely interesting that the Dems chose a man who was:
>found in contempt of court
>caught using an unusual humidor in the oval office
>inspired the term oval oriface (did you know that Ronaldus Magnus 
>never removed his coat when in there?)
>and allegedly:
>raped Juaita Broaddrick
>raped Eileen Wellstone
>raped & assaulted Regina Blakely
>raped Kathleen Wiley
>sexually assaulted Sandra James
>sexually assaulted a 22 year old Yale student
>sexually assaulted Kathy Bradshaw
>sexually assaulted Cristy Zercher
>sexually assaulted Paula Jones
>sexually assaulted Carolyn Moffet
>sexually assaulted a 1974 UAk student
>had 7 sexual assaults reported to AK state police
>had quid pro quo sexual contact with Elizabeth Gracen
>had quid pro quo sexual contact with Monica Lewinsky
>had quid pro quo sexual contact with Gennifer Flowers
>had quid pro quo sexual contact with Dolly Browning
>had quid pro quo sexual contact with Sally Perdue
>had some 20+ other affairs or quid pro quo sexual contacts
>to represent the ideals of the Democrat party at the convention.
>On 9/7/2012 7:51 AM, Steven Laib wrote:
>>Bill Clinton had a smaller audience for his Wednesday night speech 
>>than Honey Boo Boo.
>>As reported on KSEV Radio this morning.
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