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On Tue, 2012-08-28 at 06:26 -0400, Ernie Lane wrote:

> Two things always get me when I hear this kind of thing:  One, this may 
> technically be true (but I don't think it is) (it seems to be based on 
> the monthly "new hires" report), but it "ignores" the MUCH larger number 
> of job losses.  That is, every month we are told that there are 150K or 
> so new hires; but EVERY WEEK we are told about the 350K or so new 
> unemployment claims.  The key thing here is the net, and I would think 
> that, to the contrary, we have LOST millions of jobs over that time.
> Two, even those new hires -- "jobs created" -- really aren't.  They are 
> largely the refilling of job openings; a guy gets laid off, the job sits 
> open for a while, then the company refills the opening.
> It seems to me "job creation" applies only when a company expands, and 
> hires to fill jobs that didn't exist before, or when a company starts. 
> And there hasn't been anywhere near 4.5 million of those.

Democrats run on emotion and appeal to same.  Your using reason which
does not work on democrats otherwise they would not be democrats.  Its
also a matter of courage and as Rush has oft repeated democrat is a
gutless choice of the unprincipled.

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