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>   *Are You Better Off? 40 Statistics That Will Absolutely Shock You*

> -Both parties see nothing wrong with running absolutely enormous trade
> deficits with the rest of the world.

Neither do I.  All a trade deficit means is that we buy more (cheap) stuff from overseas than we well products overseas.  From a consumer standpoint, that's a good thing.  Remember, a lot of the inexpensive stuff we buy from China (1) come from U.S. companies, and (2) are sold by those same U.S. companies in third countries.  For example, most (if not all) of the Nike shoes sold in Canada and other countries are made in China.  And while this kind of transfer of goods is overlooked, balance of trade is just not important as long as this third-country sales are significant.  And it may never be.
Money making a one way trip out of the economy does matter.  Round trip matters also if it means China buying or debt or "investing" their surplus in our economy( just another way of saying they own us, or our children owe them.)  If it isn't wrong for foreign companies or govts to own(or invest in) us, why is it wrong for Bain Capital?   Us investing beyond our borders is just the oppsoite side of the same coin... right?.
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