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There was an earlier incarnation of the list in the early 90's, some kind of "alt" list I recall, hosted on a mainframe, the location of which I do not recall off hand, but I have stored some bits of hard copy from those heady days.

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At 04:58 PM 9/22/2012, John Nebel wrote:

>The archives look great.
>The rushtalk list was started by Andrew Templin. In 1995 when he took a 
>new job he could no longer host it, and at that time the list was moved 
>to Athena.
         I think I joined about a
year later. 

"The Other John"

>On 9/22/12 2:13 PM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> The rushtalk archives are now available and you can get to them
>> your subscription management page or directly via this link:
>> I did not merge any of the email from the beginning of the new
>> until about an hour ago because there was nothing significant yet
and it
>> would have taken a couple of hours to do since the old archives are
>> large. They go all the way back to May, 1995. That is pretty much
>> beginning of rushtalk although it may have been a little earlier as
>> recall rushtalk was not using listserv but some BBS thing way back
>> Some pretty interesting reading from some old friends.
>> I think that makes rushtalk fully operational. Now, back to the
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