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Sun Sep 23 20:49:50 MDT 2012

From: Fred A. 

Intrade, the international betting site, has Obama’s odds of a win at
about 58%. It has not been below 50% since November 2011.
(http://tinyurl.com/3or76rc) Intrade is rarely wrong in bets on
political outcomes. So, if this really is a crucial election, what is
your personal fall-back position if he wins? What is the Republicans’
fall-back position? After all, if the Republican Party gets out the
Republican voter base by telling them that this is yet another “election
of the century,” and Obama still wins, despite a rotten economy, which
should doom his chances, what can they tell the troops? “Oh, well, we
won the House of Representatives. We can block every bad law he
proposes.” That will be the truth. Intrade bets are 90% that Republicans
will win the House. If they win the Senate, too — now about 50-50 — they
can even block his Supreme Court appointments.

So, that would mean that this isn’t the election of the century.


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