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Pierce away, MC, like Defoe, Swift, Bierce, and Wylie.  Welcome back.

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History shows that public spectacle sports, especially brutal ones, are tried and true forms of social opiates. The lure of raucous crowds and the excitement of action can be mesmerizing and thrilling and then exhausting for masses of people who might otherwise spend their time and pent-up energies, their frustrations and fears, burning down senatorial chalets and stabbing emperors … or in our case, actually learning that our emperor and senators are bankrupting every single one of us and making us and our progeny serfs to our sworn enemies. Should we actually wake up and do this, then chances are we, too, would go about the peoples' real business of watering that Tree of Liberty.  But which is more important and more immediately mentally manageable, a finically ruinous communistic health care system comprising thousands upon thousands of legalese papers and guaranteed, sooner or later, to put us all into a triage situation (as long as we don't call
 them Death Panels), or how the hell the Pittsburgh Steelers blew a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter?  
Ancient Romans knew. 
After the depraved reign of Emperor Nero, for example, Emperor Vespasian began building the Flavian Amphitheater in AD 72 on top of Nero's palace, a publicity stunt to show the average Roman Josepi Sixpack that he, Vespasian, too, hated that rat, Nero. This public works project kept a lot of Roman labor unions happy in that it took Vespasian's son, Titus, to complete the 55,000 seat stadium. The final finishing touches were added by Domitian. 
Vespasian cannily used the Colosseo, or Colosseum, as it was commonly called, and the increasingly bizarre and bloody public spectacles it hosted to the good effect of bouncing his Gallopino Poles approval ratings among the vulgarum and the profanum of Rome. Romans attended these days-long events in legion-like numbers, the rich to the poor, with the rich in the good seats, naturally, and the OWS Romans hanging off the ramparts and picking one another's pockets. Sometimes, the Emperor himself attended and threw out the first spiculum … and, oh, the people adored him.  
So popular was the Colosseum that gladiators continued hacking off one another's limbs and entrails for the sport of it and for the coveted WWF Volkswagen-sized championship belt and buckle, until those stodgy old Christians floated into the scene and slowly ended the really good parts of the circus.  They actually had the unmitigated magna testiculos to stop the killing and even the maiming. Stuffed shirts … all of them! 
Well here it is Tuesday already and I can't wait to see if my driver gets the pole position and whether or not Dan Rothlisburger can figure out how to walk on water again. Let pending nuclear war and national, if not international, bankruptcy be damned. See you at the Colosseum. We're Number One! 
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