[Rushtalk] A healtcare warning

Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Thu Sep 27 12:09:48 MDT 2012

>I need to warn everybody about what is happening in 
>healthcare.  First of all, I work for a group of pulmonary/critical 
>care/sleep physicians.  I am currently going through training on a 
>new electronic health records system.  This system is mandated by 
>the federal government.  Failure to comply will simply put you out 
>of business.  Every single medical provider in this country is 
>having to comply.  We've been doing this since 2009.  The feds give 
>us goals that must be met within a given time period.  Failure to 
>reach these goals in that period results in a decrease in Medicare 
>payments.  Anyway, let me tell you what is happening in case you did 
>not realize it.  Every single piece of medical information 
>pertaining to you is being put into a centralized database.   This 
>includes any lab work you have had done, x-rays, MRI, DNA testing, 
>etc.  The feds know everything single thing about you and then 
>some.  Nothing is left out, and I mean nothing.  And yet here I am 
>complying with this.  This is something that should scare you far 
>more than anything else that is happening today.

And yet you stubbornly claim we "need" a federal government.
Anyway, when any doctor I visit asks for my socialist security 
number, I refuse to give it.
They say they need it for my insurance, but I then tell 'em I have no 
insurance. Then they say they need it for my records...that their 
computer system needs it to file me correctly. I then tell them that 
I refuse and if they choose no not treat me that is up to them.
I have never had one turn me away.

On a similar note, I am in the jewelry industry and some of my 
suppliers have asked me to give up personal information to comply 
with the Patriot Act. They also get the choice to not deal with me, 
but I don't give up the info they require.

Businesses (metal suppliers and heathcare providers) who accept 
license from government must comply with these edicts, I an 
individual, working by right rather than license, do not.
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