[Rushtalk] Myth and Truth About Libertarianism

Phillip Gerdes philg at k-state.edu
Sat Sep 29 05:14:38 MDT 2012

When the Gestapo come to round you up and throw you into a re-education camp
it sure would be nice to have a group of people who oppose that and will
come to your aid and try and fight off the Gestapo.  Perhaps you would even
take up arms and help the gang huh?  Then again, perhaps you would prefer to
put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger before the Gestapo haul you

Reality check..  There is no Gestapo in America, they won't come.  This is not a college
list, that talks about things that could happen given the right circumstances.

Could this happen given the right circumstances, The 70% of profit made by the oil companies when gasoline is priced over $2.00 a gallon goes into Social Security fund? Wouldn't that be great!

Phil Gerdes

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