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follow up?

>The snowstorm that killed America and the Conservative movement
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>Washington DC is being hit by a late winter snowstorm today. 
>Predictions are for up to a foot of snow.  The House Republican 
>leadership is using this snowstorm to do something that will kill 
>America and will destroy the conservative movement.
>What is it?
>Today, House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric 
>Cantor are pushing what in the House is known as a Rule Vote. They 
>are rushing this vote through, because opposition to the Rule Vote 
>is building from conservatives in the House.  Boehner and Cantor are 
>using the excuse of the snowstorm to move the vote up, to the most 
>intense part of the snowstorm.
>In the House, before a bill can be considered, the Rules for 
>considering the bill must be voted on. The bill is the continuing 
>resolution that will fund the federal government for the rest of the year.
>Included in this bill is funding for Obamacare.
>If the Rule is passed today, then a vote on the actual continuing 
>resolution will be scheduled. The Rule, if passed today, will not 
>allow for amendments, including an amendment to defund Obamacare.
>In short, the House Republicans are selling us out again.
>They will vote for this bill that controls the rules. This is the 
>vote that will actually decide whether or not Obamacare is defunded. 
>At some later point, there will be a vote on the actual Continuing 
>Resolution.  At this second vote, those conservatives who need 
>political cover can vote no and then go home to their districts and 
>tell the voters they voted against funding Obamacare, even though 
>they really voted to make it happen.
>The question real Conservatives have to answer is how much longer 
>are we going to tolerate this?
>If it were not for the Tea Party movement, John Boehner at best 
>would be minority leader. He could sit in his office, smoke his 
>cigarettes, sip his whisky and have nothing to do because Nancy 
>Pelosi would be cutting the GOP out of everything.
>How has John Boehner and the House leadership repaid us?
>They have sold us out every time.
>They have sold us out on the budget. They have sold us out on the 
>debt ceiling. They have sold us out on defunding Obamacare.
>It is time for a conservative insurrection in the Republican Party.
>Every conservative should look and see how their Representative 
>votes TODAY and if they vote for this rule (which will in effect 
>prevent defunding Obamacare) then that Representative must be 
>primaried in 2014.
>We need a revolt in the local GOP organizations. If your 
>Representative votes for this Rule today then ask your local 
>Republican organization to repudiate that Representative.
>We are now past the point where we can play nice with the GOP. In 
>the immortal words of Darth Vader, "You have failed me for the last time."
>Let's go out, take over the local Republican Party groups and start 
>cutting these RINOs off from the grassroots on up.
>ObombA did not win erection, Trotskite RINO Mitt Romney threw the
>election.  -- Rush Limbaugh
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