[Rushtalk] It's Just *NOT* There!

Carl Spitzer Winblows at lavabit.com
Sun Apr 7 08:45:17 MDT 2013

On Sun, 2013-03-17 at 23:33 -0500, Frosty wrote:

> So wait, I *know* yer not gonna ever vote fer a Demmie. And if ANY
> presently "serving" Republican runs for office, or any Republican who
> is doing NOTHING about Obobo now runs, are you telling me yer gonna
> stay home and not vote in 2016??

Compromising and running a cheating RINO gave us ObombA second term.
We beat Carter because a conservative ran.  Only a Conservative can keep
another democrat out of the White House.
HE might be TEA party and not a Republican at all.

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