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I don't know about y'all, but the situation with North Korea has me worried. What say y'all?

Richard Whitenight
Starting with a perspective of 30 years ago:
Kim Il Sung was their dear leader and heir apparent Kim Jong il was a certified nut job wacko who had rationale folks scared.  Many in the Intelligence community figured Kim Jong would live about 20 minutes longer than his father.  Odds that his own generals would kill him for the sake of self preservation was a good bet.   It didn't happen .
Ditto today, except Kim Jong un is even more of a nut job.   His Generals know a shooting war will be a disaster.   Decades ago China tolerated(if not welcomed) his dad's misbehavior.   They could act as a moderating force when issues like Favored Nation Status and other trade goodies were in play.  Now China has everything they wanted from the west and doesn't need this idiot to screw it up.   Chances that they will give(already have?) the nod to his military to remove him are good.
I wouldn't sell him life insurance.
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