[Rushtalk] Army Veteran Arrested For Protecting His Family

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>Army Veteran Arrested For Protecting His Family
>April 9, 2013 | Columbia, MO - Someone recently posted an older 
>article by Fox News about a burglary and arrest.  One has to wonder 
>how the article from March 2012 about the arrested homeowner would 
>have been reported if our Constitutionally-protected Free Press was 
>in place.  While Homer Wright was simply defending himself, his wife 
>and his home against burglary, this Army Veteran was 
>arrested.  Why?  Because Chicago doesn't allow guns...So, what's Mr. 
>Wright supposed to do, let the burglar pilfer through his stuff 
>while waiting for the cops?  And, before you read the article and 
>tell me, "well, it says the burglar was only after alcohol," does it 
>really matter what he was after?
>Don't we have a constitutional right to protect ourselves?  More law 
>officers are telling us they may not be able to respond quickly 
>because of budget cuts or other issues.  Does it really matter how 
>quickly they respond?  Why can't we take the responsibility for our 
>own protection?  By the way, the burglar had been "arrested at least 
>13 times since 2009."  Yet, whose photo accompanies the article and 
>what was reported FIRST in this misguided article?  Mr. Wright's and 
>that he "was arrested because he had two previous weapons 
>convictions..."  Mr. Wright was treated like a criminal, not only by 
>the police, but by the mainstream press, as well.
>"Our mainstream media has lost more credibility over the years, but 
>many simply don't know where to turn.  That's why Peddling Influence 
>is so important.  It explains the media agenda, why we don't get the 
>truth" says film maker William Lewis.
>IF the FREE PRESS handled this, the story and Mr. Wright's response 
>to REAL reporters might read something like this:
>Burglar Down As 80 yr old Homeowner Defends Home
>Homer Wright, an 80-year old Army veteran, successfully defended his 
>home in the wee hours of the morning from a would-be 
>burglar.  Anthony Robinson was shot once in the leg by Wright after 
>Wright found him inside his home at 4 am, attempting to steal his belongings.
>According to Wright, "My wife woke me up after hearing something 
>downstairs.  I caught the burglar in that act and defended my property."
>Mr. Wright's neighbors call him a hero.
>According to court records, Robinson had at least 13 previous 
>arrests since 2009, alone.  Police arrested Wright, however, citing 
>him with illegally defending his home and property.
>"It's just plain wrong that people cannot defend against 
>law-breakers in this city.  Just wrong.  I have a right protect my 
>family and home.  It's right there in the Constitution," said a defiant Wright.
>There is truly no sense in demonizing Mr. Wright.  Mr. Wright should 
>have been hailed as a hero. This is just one of many examples 
>abusive treatment of a victim by both the media and law 
>enforcement.  We have to ask ourselves why?  Maybe the media doesn't 
>want to step on the toes of the local government in Chicago, but 
>isn't that really their job?  If something is wrong, it is wrong, 
>yet more often than not, the media takes its cues from 
>government.  Because of that, we don't have a free press, we have 
>another "branch" of government...a "state-run" media.
>Until we have a truly free press, people like Mr. Wright will be 
>treated with disrespect rather than as heroes, and criminals will 
>continue to do what they do.  AND, if more burglars were shot in the 
>leg for breaking and entering, maybe they would stop breaking the 
>law.  After all, Mr. Wright didn't take Robinson life, he just 
>stopped Robinson from taking his stuff.  There are two things to be 
>taken away from this Free Press "experiment."  One, there should be 
>NO hint of someone like Mr. Wright as a "bad guy" for exercising his 
>right to defend himself and his property.  Two, if the mainstream 
>press won't do their job, maybe it's time for us to take the job and 
>run with it...
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