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War and a tax cut - two bits.


One more war will fix it all.


The war to end all wars.


Preemptive war.


A war to avoid a war.


Ad infinitum.


Our exchange student was right - "screwing for virginity".


Obviously I could be wrong.  I hope not. And I am damned glad that people
far more experienced and wise than any of us here are at the helm.  I don't
want to see some careless under-reaction result in deaths, nor some callous
over-reaction trigger an avoidable war.  And for some reason, wanting to
avoid war is perceived as a bad sentiment among several here.  I wonder why.


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Wow.... How Ostrich is that???

One of the more interesting educations I ever got was from spending a few
weeks in the archives of the local library reading every TIME, Life,
whatever from the 1930's.   Read various rationale for ignoring the winds of
war:   Hitler and Mussolini were doing much good. .   We should mind our own
business.  Depression era America can't afford to get involved.  Don't let
the Jews drag us into "their war".  etc.....   If you only have time for one
issue, read TIME Hitler Man of the Year from 1939.  Years into the Holocaust
the mag only politely mentions the Jew "disappearance from society"

Reality is the folks who did everything they could to avoid the war did just
as much to cause it by empowering the axis leaders with their "peace



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I don't know that it isn't.
We know totalitarianism cannot work, no matter the label we or they pin on
it, yet we're not willing to let it die on its own.
When our gov't doesn't allow it to die on its own it puts doubt into the
minds of the ignorant that what we are saying is true.
"If the _______ists had just had a few more years, they could have proven
that _______ism works, but as usual the evil United States went to war when
they (the US) saw that they (the ___________ists) were rounding the bend
toward prosperity. So now we (the _____ists) have to regroup and try again."


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