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Common Core Standards Will Control You and Your Children

Posted on March 21, 2013 by Karen Schroeder filed under Big Brother,
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The American educational system is being federalized through
implementation of Race to the Top and Common Core Standards. Once Common
Core Standards are completely implemented, the federal government will
have total control of assessment tools and textbooks used in core
subjects. Also, a national data collection system called State
Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) will be used to determine a child’s
educational opportunities. The federalization of education will turn all
school-choice programs into federally approved programs.
The International Baccalaureate is a set of standards which are shaped
by several United Nations treaties. International Baccalaureate
Organization explains that IB and Common Core Standards share the values
and beliefs of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights with
emphasis on Article 26.
This means that Common Core Standards and IB programs are teaching
beliefs and values contained in treaties that the United States does not
support. Among these values are the surrender of the American
Constitution, of national sovereignty, and of individual rights so
students will accept becoming members of the “world community.”
The Common Core Standards focus on changing the social and political
values of American children. Few goals address academics; math standards
actually lower expectations. What had been required from a fourth grade
student is now required from a fifth grader.
The national data collection system (SLDS) will follow a child from
Kindergarten to adulthood. A student’s IQ scores, test scores, Social
Security number, and medical records will become part of the collected
data which will be used to help determine educational and job
opportunities afforded each student.
Once these systems are in place, all students in every educational
setting will have to meet these state standards if they are going to
pass the state-created assessment tools. Therefore, the education
provided in every setting must include the curricula presented in state
To accomplish these goals, the federal government and the United Nations
have cooperated to write textbooks that meet the goals of Common Core
Standards and IB. The federal government is funding organizations that
will create testing tools to assess the student’s progress in accepting
the social and political ideologies being taught in the classroom.
Implementation of Common Core Standards is expected to be completed
within the next two to three years.
The only effective means of preventing international control of the
American educational system is to eliminate the federal funding of
education. Advocates for Academic Freedom is an educational consulting
firm working with legislators across the United States to organize a
conservative movement to eliminate federal control of education.
Visit the Advocates for Academic Freedom home page, find the Petition
for Progress button on the left side of the page, click on that button
and sign the petition. To stop the federalization of education, we must
have proof that there is sufficient support from the electorate. Please
sign the petition and become a member of the grassroots movement to
limit federal governmental control by removing federal funding of
education and reallocating those funds to the states. 

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