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Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Tue Apr 16 22:59:46 MDT 2013

This is a brand new (job creating) industry. It's a safe method for 
adults to ingest nicotine, which is proving to be a surprisingly good 
drug in the <http://tinyurl.com/cnrmyce>prevention of Alzheimer's, 
and many other horrible diseases. It is also a fast, easy and 
painless way to quit smoking. Basically, when a smoker starts vaping, 
he puts down his coffin-nails and never even wants to pick them up 
again! And so now of course our so-called "servants" are acting like 
our masters and starting to attempt to pass laws regulating and 
out-right banning this incredible health breakthrough.

And also of course it is "Big Tobacco" at the heart of this attack on 
our right to self-medicate and to take responsibility to keep 
ourselves healthy and not get cancer from their products.

If someone you love, or even just like a little, smokes cigarettes, 
pipes, cigars, or uses smokeless tobacco, you owe it to them to give 
them an easy, fast and completely safe way to quit those nasty habits 
once and for all. The government and those who lines governments' 
pockets want you and those you care about to suffer and die a 
terrible death, all for money.

We must fight these bastards for the lives of our wives, husbands, 
children and friends!

For more answers to the questions undoubtedly swimming around in your 
heads, please read:


What can you do? Write to and call your so-called representatives. 
Click this link please:

This email was Bcc sent: to every house member in Oklahoma. Feel free 
to borrow my words exactly, or in any other order, or just take the 
nouns, and send them to everyone on the planet.


Please write to me if you want me to never, ever send you an email 
like this ever again. (You can also write and ask me to send you more 
& I will!) 
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