[Rushtalk] San Diego County considers forcing residents to take psychiatric medication under Laura's Law

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Wed Apr 24 16:44:00 MDT 2013

Somehow I do not think this will apply to democrats as their perversions
and mental defects are sacred.  CWSIV

(NaturalNews) San Diego County in California is considering implementing
Laura's Law, which would give the state's second most populous county -
home to over three million people - the uncontested right to force
psychiatric medication upon its residents.

Funds for the forced inpatient or outpatient psychiatric incarceration,
known as "assisted outpatient treatment" are to be provided by
taxpayers. Other bills under consideration would extend Laura's Law to
schoolchildren, at the discretion of school administrators.

Laura's Law is heavily supported by law enforcement, the press, the
American Psychiatric Association and host of "consumer and family
advocate groups." In others words, those who believe the government
deserves more control absolutely love Laura's Law. After all, Laura's
Law offers those in power the ultimate form of control - over your brain

What is Laura's Law?

Laura's Law is an existing state law, passed by the California state
legislature in 2002 and signed by Governor Gray Davis. The law makes it
possible for anyone to be ordered into psychiatric treatment if
determined appropriate by authorities. Non-compliant "patients" are not
given a choice, pending involuntary incarceration.

Each county within the state of California has the option of
implementing Laura's Law. Los Angeles County implemented it in 2004. San
Diego County undertook a 90-day review of the law in March 2013 as it
considers implementation.

The law is named for Laura Wilcox, who was shot and killed at the age of
19 by a man with untreated, severe mental illness.

How do you qualify for forced psychiatric treatment under Laura's Law?

Authorities simply determine that you meet the state approved criteria.
In California, the criteria are as follows:

Inpatient: (1) Danger to self/others or (2) unable to provide for basic
personal needs for food, clothing, or shelter.

Outpatient: Condition likely to substantially deteriorate, unlikely to
survive safely in community without supervision, history of
noncompliance which includes two hospitalizations in past 36 months or
act/threat/attempt of violence to self/others in 48 months immediately
preceding petition filing, likely needs to prevent meeting inpatient
standard, and likely to benefit from assisted treatment.

Glancing over these standards quickly is dangerous because they are
written to appear strict and reasonable. If we break them down, however,
you can see that the wildly vague language used is open to broad

The bottom line is this: Someone in authority needs to decide that you
are a "danger." That's it. Then, they can lock you up and medicate you
into oblivion. Case closed. 

But wait, it says that you have to have a hard history of
hospitalization and violence in order to qualify. Not so! All you need
to qualify to lose your physical and mental freedom is, at any time
during the last four years, to act/threat/attempt violence to
self/others. An "act/threat/attempt" of violence, by the way, could be
ANYTHING. Giving someone a dirty look could be interpreted as a threat
of violence.

Finally, authorities have put themselves in a position to predict
whether or not you are "likely to benefit" from assisted treatment. And
the clause, condition likely to substantially deteriorate, suggests that
they can take over your life if they feel you may do something wrong in
the future.

I recently spoke with Sophie Faught at MindFreedom International about
Laura's Law. MindFreedom International is a true patient rights advocacy
group that believes in mental health freedom. Sophie said the following:

For over 25 years, we at MindFreedom have argued for VOICE and CHOICE in
mental health care. We're against force in mental health care because
it's simply not therapeutic. When you're suffering from mental or
emotional distress, the last thing you need is to have a technology you
don't believe in forced on you. Rather,you need to feel safe and loved
by your fellow human beings. It's that human connection, which can be
found in peer support and compassionate care, that helps you find the
meaning in your experience and your path to a better mental/emotional

Many of our members describe the practice of forced drugging as
dehumanizing, invasive, violent, and downright TRAUMATIZING. Because
trauma is so often a contributing factor to mental/emotional distress,
our first goal should be to provide care that does not exacerbate old
traumas or create new ones. Forced drugging cannot possibly meet that
goal -- many psychiatric survivors spend years coming to terms with the
violence and violation of that kind of an act.

Forcibly injecting another human being with a mind-altering chemical
cannot be considered therapeutic under any circumstances, but it's
especially shocking to think of doing this to a person in his own home,
the place (above all others), where he expects privacy,
self-determination, and safety. What psychiatry says through this act
is: "There is only a narrow spectrum of thoughts and emotions that are

Why limit mankind? Why stop these journeys into the inner world of
thoughts and feelings? What incredible discoveries do we -- as
individuals and as a society -- miss in the process?

MindFreedom International will always oppose legislation like Laura's
Law because we believe that there must be safe spaces for extreme
thoughts and emotions. Mankind has much to learn from these experiences.
They are a difficult but necessary part of the healing path.

Psychiatry has no answer to gun massacres 

As much as our hearts go out to those who have suffered and lost loved
ones to the violent and unpredictable acts of others, we need to face
the hard truth.

Violence is not predictable.

Psychiatry does not have the answer.

Psychiatric medication does not prevent violence.

Stealing freedom and medically torturing innocent people will do nothing
to protect anyone. The problem of violence will remain unsolved. The
state will continue to gain unprecedented power and an easier path to
implement that power. The freedom of the people will continue to vanish.

Peter Breggin, MD has the following to say about psychiatric approaches
to violent behavior:

The most devastating recent shooters were all involved with psychiatric
treatment and evaluation, and it did not prevent their violence. In some
cases, it undoubtedly increased it.

On the possibility of identifying violent people and preventing violent
acts, Dr. Breggin said:

So many people harbor feelings of violence, and so few perpetrate them,
that it is impossible to screen society for violent individuals without
untold numbers of "false positives." In a general psychiatric practice
such as my own, a number of patients will be struggling to control their
violent feelings and usually a few will have acted aggressively or
violently in the past. Within society as a whole, there will be
thousands of "suspicious-looking" people locked up and drugged for every
genuine threat.

Read Dr. Breggin's full commentary on psychiatry and gun massacres here.
For an amazing interview with Dr. Breggin about the violent, death-camp
style history of psychiatry, listen to the March 13, 2013 episode of
Mental Health Exposed. If you think psychiatry is rooted in a desire to
help people heal, think again! These are the folks we are empowering
with Laura's Law! Ice pick lobotomy anyone?

There you have it. States like California are using devastating acts of
violence to increase their power with "solutions" that do NOTHING more
than steal freedom from innocent people.

About the author:
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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health
Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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