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ALERT: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE Paul Ryan is working behind the scenes to
convince House Members to pass a pathway to citizenship for illegal
TAXPAYER REVOLUTION FOUNDATION  Dear Patriotic Citizens to Stop Amnesty,

ALERT: PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE Paul Ryan is working behind the scenes to
convince House members to pass a pathway to citizenship for illegal
aliens.  Paul Ryan’s background:  His mentor, former Housing Secretary
Jack Kemp, had no problem with illegal aliens in our public housing; I
was at his office in 1991 to hear that firsthand.  They both also
publicly opposed ending public benefits for illegal aliens and opposed
Prop. 187.  Federal law denied those benefits in 1996 but being
two-faced about solving problems, Congress allows states to pass laws
granting those benefits, provided paid for with state money, which
California did immediately.Does Paul Ryan know that only five years
after the 1986 amnesty the California teenage birthrate went from below
the national average to twice the national average and the highest of
any state, with child welfare payments quadrupling?  

Girls were pouring across the border to give birth and take advantage of
automatic citizenship.  There will NEVER be border control until that
myth is ended.  We wrote a powerful commentary exposing Paul Ryan and
educating members of Congress about him is one of Taxpayer Revolution’s
current main goals.Congress begins recess in August, we can only hope
and pray in the meantime that no bill comes together to resemble the
Senate disaster.  We’re diligently working to prevent legalization from
occurring.    Taxpayer Revolution wrote powerful bullet points for an
organization in D.C. to distribute to House members dissuading a pathway
to legalization.  

Please support our efforts.Your contributions are now 100%

U.S. Border Patrol agents actually fear the results of the Senate bill
that would add up to 20,000 new agents costing $46B.  Corrupt
individuals have become BP agents because the government (Janet
Napolitano) moved very slowly to make background checks.  

Between 2004 and 2012 over 2,000 agents were arrested, many were being
paid to smuggle illegals from Mexico.  The Border Patrol contends the
border can be controlled for less money with alternative measures to
hiring 20,000 additional agents. Meanwhile there is widespread workers
compensation, welfare, identification, and IRS fraud committed by
corrupt citizens who could be working illegal aliens’ jobs.  

The IRS has irresponsibly refunded tens of millions of fraudulent
claims, thousands going to illegal aliens, hundreds mailed to the same
address.   We must keep the heat on House members, this is our last hope
to stop legalization of 11 million.  Taxpayer Revolution educates that
we must solve entitlement fraud that is causing the need for illegal
workers.  Please help the cause.  Also Taxpayer Revolution is one of the
few organizations that refuses to use the phrases “illegal immigration”
or “illegal immigrants.”  There is only ONE DEFINITION which is LEGAL
when referring to the words immigration and immigrant.  It is an
oxymoron to speak otherwise and we refuse to do it.PLEASE CONTRIBUTE,
Thank you for your patriotic assistance.  Sincerely,  Ted Hilton P.S.
We are speaking out on your behalf when meeting with congressmen.  You
have our sincerest gratitude for your contributions of $25, $50, or
$100, or what you can afford.  Please make your make your 100%
tax-deductible contribution to assist our foundation’s research and
lobbying efforts.   Please donate below at our secure website.  Thank
you very much for your patriotic support.     

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