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Suspect to Police – I’m Going to be Real With You, I Have a Gun in My A–

August 11 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Let’s file this one under carry methods that we just don’t approve of.

According to 
Marco Alvarado, age 20, was arrested for multiple 
felonies after firing several rounds in the air 
in Chicago neighborhood of South Lawndale.

Alvarado tried to hide the firearm in his, well, 
his buttocks as police arrived.

According to the source,

When police approached, Alvarado held his hands 
behind his back, the police report said, and 
refused to remove them when asked to. He also 
swayed from left to right “in a rapid fashion,” the report said.

When officers told Alvarado they planned to take 
him into custody for traffic violations, he 
allegedly stated, “I’m going to be real with you, I have the gun in my ass.”

Alvarado allegedly fired several shots into the 
air. He says he was doing so in self defense to 
protect his friend, who was being attacked by at 
least four other people. Several eye witness 
accounts seem to support that version of events.

However, even if there were attacks, and that can 
be proven, this guy is probably still in hot 
water. This happened in Chicago, aka one of the 
most anti-gun cities in the US, firing warning 
shots into the air, especially in a densely 
populated area, is never a good idea, and he most 
likely broke numerous Illinois gun laws.

Alvarado is being held on a $20,000 bond.
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