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>TSA Searching Cars At Airports
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>It was only a matter of time before the TSA 
>would move out of their comfort zone of groping 
>people’s pants in a crowded airport for 
>“security” reasons and expand into other areas. 
>Like people’s cars parked at the airport.
>Apparently, for about a month, the TSA at 
>Rochester International Airport in New York have 
>been ordering valet attendants to search valet 
>parked cars for explosives. They’re required to 
>search the trunk and the engine and then scan 
>the interior. They say it only takes 30 seconds, 
>so it should be no big deal. Yeah, but we’re 
>talking about the TSA here. Give them an inch, 
>and they’ll take a mile. Sure, it might be 30 
>seconds now, but just wait. Soon, it’ll be 30 
>minutes, and they’ll be tearing up people’s cars 
>looking for the slightest indication that 
>someone might be a drug dealer or terrorist. For 
>“national security” purposes, of course.
>A local NBC affiliate 
>on what happened that brought this 
>policy to light:
>“Laurie Iacuzza walked to her waiting car at the 
>Greater Rochester International Airport after 
>returning from a trip, and that's when she found 
>it – a notice saying her car was inspected after 
>she left for her flight. She said, ‘I was 
>furious. They never mentioned it to me when I 
>booked the valet or when I picked up the car or 
>when I dropped it off.’ Iacuzza's car was 
>inspected by valet attendants on orders from the TSA.”
>The TSA say they order these searches for valet 
>only. Greater Rochester’s TSA Federal Security 
>Director John McCaffrey said that they don’t 
>search the ones in the parking garage, since 
>even if one of those cars had a large amount of 
>explosives, it wouldn’t do any real damage to 
>the airport. But for the valet parked vehicles, 
>they’re parked closer and may only be parked 
>there for 30 minutes or an hour and therefore pose a more viable threat.
>I keep hearing government officials and members 
>of law enforcement say that there should be no 
>expectation of privacy. Everything we do now is 
>tracked and logged, and our cars can be searched 
>without probable cause, without warrant and without our consent or knowledge.
>They say the terrorists hate us for our 
>“freedom.” So, I guess their plan is to take 
>away our freedom in order to appease the 
>terrorists so they won’t hate us anymore? But I 
>thought we were also fighting endless wars in 
>the Middle East so that we could be “free.” I don’t get it.
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