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Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Sat Aug 17 09:59:27 MDT 2013

PRISM began in 2007 in the wake of the passage of the Protect America 
Act under the Bush Administration. The program is operated under the 
supervision of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA 
Court, or FISC) pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 
(FISA). Its existence was leaked six years later by NSA contractor 
Edward Snowden, who warned that the extent of mass data collection 
was far greater than the public knew and included what he 
characterized as "dangerous" and "criminal" activities. The 
disclosures were published by The Guardian and The Washington Post on 
June 6, 2013.

If you imagine the Republicans are any less interested in violating 
the Constitution, you'll be quite surprised 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came...>when there's no one 
left to speak up for you.


Paf Dvorak


"Right and wrong matter more than legal or illegal."
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