[Rushtalk] The Startling Hypocrisy of John McCain

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he Startling Hypocrisy of John McCain

By <http://eaglerising.com/author/onancoca/>Onan 
Coca / 20 August 2013 / 
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“We have no credibility. We do have influence, 
but when you don’t use that influence, then you 
do not have that influence.”              ­ John 
McCain in an 
on CNN

Let’s begin by saying that John McCain is not 
wrong when he says the US has no credibility in 
its Mideast dealings. He is not wrong. However, 
he is being incredibly hypocritical, as he has 
supported the vast majority of this 
administration’s movements in the Mideast over 
the last few years. In fact, on the rare 
occasions he has disagreed with President Obama’s 
decisions, they have been disagreements over 
“degrees” not actions. For example, agrees with 
aid to the Syrian rebels, but believes that we 
should be giving far more aid than we have offered.

His recent interview on CNN came about over 
questions on the administration’s Egypt policy. 
Here Senator McCain displays in full effect his 
ability to move back and forth between two very different positions.

Less than a month ago Senator McCain voted for 
the continued financial support of Egypt, even 
though the nation had just endured a military 
coup of a suitably elected government. (Mind you, 
that elected government is the complete 
antithesis to a free democratic society
 but they 
were legally elected.) Just two weeks ago, McCain 
and many of his 
associates voted against Senator Rand Paul’s 
(R-KY) amendment to discontinue all aid to Egypt. 
In fact, 83 Senators voted to table the amendment 
and only 13 voted alongside Senator Paul. In a 
stunning reversal, McCain (and several of his 
Senate minions) has changed his mind in record time.

had strong words just this past week for those 
Senators who voted against his amendment. “This 
is something that those who voted in Congress are 
going to have to live with
 The question is: How 
does their conscience feel now as they see 
photographs of tanks rolling over Egyptian 
civilians? This mindset that if you don’t give 
people money and weapons, then you’re not engaged 
is bizarre, I want to engage with the world, I 
just don’t want to be engaged in battle
you’re protesting in the streets and you’re run 
over by an American tank, you’re not going to be 
appreciative of American engagement.” Paul 
concluded by saying, “Congress is way out of 
touch on this issue
 These people who believe in 
projecting American power, really believe in 
projecting American weakness. They don’t want us 
to respond to words with actions or obey our own laws.”

Senator Paul’s outrage and anger were palpable. 
Our leaders are decrying the violence in the 
Mideast, even as we waft back and forth between 
support for tyrannical regimes and support for 
rebel groups allied with al-Qaeda and other 
terrorist organizations. When will our leaders 
realize that the Mideast is a no-win situation? 
We can either side with despotic regimes who rule 
with an iron fist, or we can support rebel groups 
who are run by Islamofascist terrorists. The best 
option is to pull our money, weapons and people 
out of the region until the strife ends.

Senator McCain has voiced support for military 
action in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran. He has 
supported drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and 
anywhere else in the Middle East that they might 
prove “necessary.” In all of these cases the 
Obama administration has agreed with Senator 
McCain. If anyone has done anything to lead 
our loss of credibility in the Mideast, it is 
John McCain. He and President Obama (along with 
Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, and others) have 
led a dueling campaign of destruction when it 
comes to our “credibility” in dealing with the Mideast.

Perhaps it’s time for these foreign policy 
has-beens (Obama, McCain, et al) to pass the 
torch on to some politicians who still have some credibility.
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