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I'd like to now more of how our debt(the portion subject to the budget agreement) has  managed to stay just below the limit for three months now.   Obvious guess is the govt is raiding the trust funds, .....but how so?? SS surplus, postal retirement,  etc... have all been "borrowed" in the sense they are "invested" in govt securities.       Can the govt borrow against the bonds that it bought with borrowed money?   Does our debt have debt?


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         Krugman is forever whining
that the economy is such bad shape because the government doesn't spend
nearly enough (which is absurd and laughable!)

 Economist Says Real U.S. Debt $70 TrillionUniversity of
California, San Diego, economics professor James Hamilton says the U.S.
debt is $70 trillion -- not $16.9 trillion, as reported by the federal

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