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>August 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty: Fighting the Culture Wars

By <http://eaglerising.com/author/onancoca/>Onan 
Coca / 22 August 2013 / 
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One of the guys from Duck Dynasty is at it again, 
making conservatives proud and reminding us about 
the values we should stand for. Patriarch of the 
Dynasty clan, Phil Robertson, was 
a speech in Pennsylvania to a crowd of men on the 
virtues of a nation founded on Biblical principles, when he said these words:

“Listen, from the time you started inside your 
mother’s womb, Thomas Jefferson had it right, you 
have the God-given right to live for crying out loud.”

The video of his speech from 2010 has gone viral, 
and it has the pro-life movement energized. 
Robertson’s straightforward approach to defending 
everyone’s right to life is refreshing, and his 
connection to the popular A&E reality series, 
Duck Dynasty, gives him a platform to speak and be heard.

(The full speech from Phil Robertson to the men 
of Berean Bible Church can be found 
split into segments.)

For the last forty years, we have sought 
government solutions to stopping the abortion 
genocide, and for the last forty years, the 
government has continued to defy our will. In 
fact, the liberal media and the Democrat Party 
continue to paint the pro-life movement as 
“extreme,” when reality tells us that it’s the 
abortion supporters who hold the extreme 
position. A recent poll by the liberal flagship 
Huffington Post, found that 59% of Americans 
believe abortion should be outlawed after twenty 
weeks. In fact, most of the world believes 
abortion should be illegal after just 12 weeks. 
The only nations in the world to 
abortion after 20 weeks are China, North Korea, 
Canada, and the USA. Abortion rights activists are the extreme ones.

Perhaps the better path to seeing abortion banned 
is more of what Phil Robertson gives us in this 
speech. Men and women with influence standing up 
and speaking truth to power about what abortion 
really is – the legal murder of a child. While 
the states have begun to heed our voices, the 
federal government continues to fail us at every 
turn. I think it’s time to turn our full efforts 
to changing local and state government laws and 
regulations, and bypass the federal government altogether.

However, the only real chance we have of fixing 
our abortion problem comes by way of a national 
revival similar to what Phil Robertson calls for 
in his speech. We must return to the values of 
our founders: life, liberty, and the pursuit of 
happiness. A worldview that is not God-centered 
will drive us to destruction. We must RISE UP and 
return our nation to its Christo-centric foundation.

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