[Rushtalk] partial redaction: POSSIBLE EMERGENCY ALERT FOR FEMA REGION 3" on Constitutional Emergency

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Which Zone is Zone 3.  

Should I break out my Dissident Bear? http://dissidentarms.com/page23.php

Just Asking.


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Just an FYI, it is martial law.

On 8/27/2013 2:21 PM, John A. Quayle wrote:

I received a letter from a friend whom I will call here Mr. T containing a partial redaction of the FEMA Zone 3 Alert. My friend's (words in green) says he finds it "troubling" but does not explain the cause of his finding. Does he find it troubling because of the overwhelming power to inflict Marshall Law using foreign troops, or does he find it troubling that other Americans would fear this?  Again  (in green)  "right
wing fear monger who predicts the inevitable", does he believe this is actuallyinevitable, or only falsely predicted?
>There is no question that disasters can happen. EMP attacks be
      they by a
      foe, or by a natural source such as the sun are very real
      that could in an instant send us back to the dark ages. In the
      context of
      Ron Emanuel's statement "never let a crisis go to waste" can we
      really trust our government to react to a crisis without taking
      to install and enslave us in never ending Marshall Law? For that
      can we even trust our government not to manufacture such a
>Why the need for foreign troops? Could it be that they would be
      hesitant to kill Americans?
>How about the idea expressed by many that "right wing" is
      extreme. Note by the link to follow that this definition by our
      government now extends to those that believe in individual
      liberty, those
      that believe in limited federal powers, or believe states have
      independent of the federal oversight. All I might note are
      enshrined in
      that "radical" document know as our Constitution.  http://www.infowars.com/dod-training-manual-suggests-extremist-founding-fathers-would-not-be-welcome-in-todays-military/ 
>Regardless of the pretence it is very obvious that our government
      is in
      planning to have the capability to point war machines and guns at
      American domestic populace in overwhelming capacity. Troubling,
>Of interest, A recent letter from a friend in New England whom
      here I
      will call Mr. B. in purple.  Doug Smith 
>He (?)is also forcing Home visits without authorization by law enforcement. The Russian Troops are ERCACOM troops, the Russian equivalent to our FEMA and have been a part of Russia's military since 1994 when formed by Vladimir Putin. I have seen undetermined but what I think to b UN equipment on flatbed trucks near an abandoned AFB in NH, the former Pease AFB. when I went for a closer look, the equipment mostly covered by a tarp in a public parking lot in Seabrook, NH 
>seemed to be manufactured by Mercedes. All American equipment is
        to come from, American manufacturers and, I was warned off by a
        toting SOB carrying A Sig Sauer pistol and speaking with a
        Accent, possibly German. I do not like what I am seeing and
        hearing and
        we need desperately to get Congress to IMPEACH Obama NOW, before
        he can
        order these troops into American cities. In the meantime, it
        brings to
        mind the thought of why OUR troops are not being trained to do
        what may
        be necessary? They have been essentially disarmed and I think
        administration does not trust them to fire on American citizens
        ordered to do so and Obama was asking that Question at military
        bases he
        visited last year. We may ALL have some very hard choices to
        make in the
        very near future. I hope not, but you have known me for long
        enough to
        know I have been predicting that this would eventually happen;
        now it
        appears at least, that it may damn well be ongoing as I write.
        Government, especially THIS ONE, is NEVER to be trusted.
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>The above link is a partial redaction of the story linked above.
>I found the video's she embeds to be severly edited, but the DHS stuf is "troubling".
>Overall, another right wing fear monger who predicts the inevitable.
>On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 6:13 PM, wrote: 
>Well friends, I don't know what to make of this as I have heard such scary things for years. Is it truly ramping up towards a police state and marshal law, or is this just dis-information? 
>Recently I heard of something like 15 thousand Russian troops training for urban warfare and riot control on our soil. I have also recently seen detailed plans for the construction of FEMA Detention Camps. Again, I have seen similar reports going back to the Clinton Administration. 
>I pray it is not true yet some of this is even spilling out in the mainstream media, such as the billion round plus hollow point ammunition buy by government agencies, and the purchase of armored transport vehicles by (?) was it FEMA, or NSA ? 
>I hope it never comes to this, but if the American people are attacked by their own government, then I hope the American people prevail, and traitors are publicly put to death at the National Mall.   Doug.  
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>Subject: Fw: Check out "URGENT!!! POSSIBLE EMERGENCY ALERT FOR FEMA REGION 3" on Constitutional Emergency
>This is the original I tried to send. As I said, take it with a grain of salt but in view of this administration's past history and close association with the UN, it is a chilling possibility.
>Subject: Check out "URGENT!!! POSSIBLE EMERGENCY ALERT FOR FEMA REGION 3" on Constitutional Emergency 
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