[Rushtalk] partial redaction: POSSIBLE EMERGENCY ALERT FOR FEMA REGION 3" on Constitutional Emergency

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Tue Aug 27 19:35:34 MDT 2013

At 02:56 PM 8/27/2013 -0400, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>Just an FYI, it is martial law.

Next you'll tell us there's some meaningful differences between 
"their, there and they're" or "to, two and too". I don't don't 
believe it! They're all the same and can be used interchangeably!

>On 8/27/2013 2:21 PM, John A. Quayle wrote:
>>I received a letter from a friend whom I will call here Mr. T 
>>containing a partial redaction of the FEMA Zone 3 Alert. My 
>>friend's (words in green) says he finds it "troubling" but does not 
>>explain the cause of his finding. Does he find it troubling because 
>>of the overwhelming power to inflict Marshall Law using foreign 
>>troops, or does he find it troubling that other Americans would 
>>fear this?  Again  (in green)  "right wing fear monger who predicts 
>>the inevitable", does he believe this is actually inevitable, or 
>>only falsely predicted?
>>There is no question that disasters can happen. EMP attacks be they 
>>by a foe, or by a natural source such as the sun are very real 
>>possibility that could in an instant send us back to the dark ages. 
>>In the context of Ron Emanuel's statement "never let a crisis go to 
>>waste" can we really trust our government to react to a crisis 
>>without taking advantage to install and enslave us in never ending 
>>Marshall Law? For that matter can we even trust our government not 
>>to manufacture such a disaster?
>>Why the need for foreign troops? Could it be that they would be 
>>less hesitant to kill Americans?
>>How about the idea expressed by many that "right wing" is extreme. 
>>Note by the link to follow that this definition by our government 
>>now extends to those that believe in individual liberty, those that 
>>believe in limited federal powers, or believe states have Rights 
>>independent of the federal oversight. All I might note are 
>>enshrined in that "radical" document know as our 
>>Regardless of the pretence it is very obvious that our government 
>>is in planning to have the capability to point war machines and 
>>guns at the American domestic populace in overwhelming capacity. 
>>Troubling, YOU BETCHA!!!
>>Of interest, A recent letter from a friend in New England whom here 
>>I will call Mr. B. in purple.  Doug Smith
>>He (?) is also forcing Home visits without authorization by law 
>>enforcement. The Russian Troops are ERCACOM troops, the Russian 
>>equivalent to our FEMA and have been a part of Russia's military 
>>since 1994 when formed by Vladimir Putin. I have seen undetermined 
>>but what I think to b UN equipment on flatbed trucks near an 
>>abandoned AFB in NH, the former Pease AFB. when I went for a closer 
>>look, the equipment mostly covered by a tarp in a public parking 
>>lot in Seabrook, NH
>>seemed to be manufactured by Mercedes. All American equipment is 
>>supposed to come from, American manufacturers and, I was warned off 
>>by a gun toting SOB carrying A Sig Sauer pistol and speaking with a 
>>European Accent, possibly German. I do not like what I am seeing 
>>and hearing and we need desperately to get Congress to IMPEACH 
>>Obama NOW, before he can order these troops into American cities. 
>>In the meantime, it brings to mind the thought of why OUR troops 
>>are not being trained to do what may be necessary? They have been 
>>essentially disarmed and I think that administration does not trust 
>>them to fire on American citizens if ordered to do so and Obama was 
>>asking that Question at military bases he visited last year. We may 
>>ALL have some very hard choices to make in the very near future. I 
>>hope not, but you have known me for long enough to know I have been 
>>predicting that this would eventually happen; now it appears at 
>>least, that it may damn well be ongoing as I write. Government, 
>>especially THIS ONE, is NEVER to be trusted.
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>>From: MR T
>>Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 8:05 AM
>>FEMA REGION 3" on Constitutional Emergency
>>The above link is a partial redaction of the story linked above.
>>I found the video's she embeds to be severly edited, but the DHS 
>>stuf is "troubling".
>>Overall, another right wing fear monger who predicts the inevitable.
>>On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 6:13 PM, wrote:
>>Well friends, I don't know what to make of this as I have heard 
>>such scary things for years. Is it truly ramping up towards a 
>>police state and marshal law, or is this just dis-information?
>>Recently I heard of something like 15 thousand Russian troops 
>>training for urban warfare and riot control on our soil. I have 
>>also recently seen detailed plans for the construction of FEMA 
>>Detention Camps. Again, I have seen similar reports going back to 
>>the Clinton Administration.
>>I pray it is not true yet some of this is even spilling out in the 
>>mainstream media, such as the billion round plus hollow point 
>>ammunition buy by government agencies, and the purchase of armored 
>>transport vehicles by (?) was it FEMA, or NSA ?
>>I hope it never comes to this, but if the American people are 
>>attacked by their own government, then I hope the American people 
>>prevail, and traitors are publicly put to death at the National Mall.   Doug.
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>>Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 1:55 PM
>>REGION 3" on Constitutional Emergency
>>This is the original I tried to send. As I said, take it with a 
>>grain of salt but in view of this administration's past history and 
>>close association with the UN, it is a chilling possibility.
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