[Rushtalk] The Senate GOP Won't Shut Down The government over socialized medicine

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At 09:38 AM 8/29/2013, Carl Spitzer wrote:

>The Senate GOP Won'tShut Down The Government Over Obamacare

         They will if they know what's good for 
'em! No wonder they are called "the stupid party"!

>Business Insider
>By Josh Barro | Business Insider –  18 minutes ago
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>ted cruz mike lee
>Right to left: Republican Sens. Roy Blunt (Mo.), 
>Mike Lee (Utah), and Ted Cruz (Tex.)
>Byron York has a 
>post at the Washington Examiner pouring cold 
>water on the idea that Senate Republicans will 
>shut down the federal government in order to 
>force the defunding of Obamacare implementation.
>The idea, from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is that 
>Republicans should refuse to vote for any 
>continuing resolution­that's the appropriation 
>bill that Congress will have to pass to keep the 
>government open past Sept. 30­if it contains 
>money to implement the health care law.
>Lee's strategy won't work because the CR is 
>must-pass legislation. If Republicans tie an 
>Obamacare-defunding demand to it, no bill will 
>pass, and they'll get blamed forshutting down 
>the government, which will be unpopular.
>Eventually, they'll cave, the government will 
>reopen, the health law will still be 
>implemented, and the Republicans will suffer 
>political damage. It's a strategy that's just asking for pain.
>Lee and his colleagues understand this. York got 
>a quote from an anonymous Republican Senate aide 
>explaining why various Tea Party senators want 
>to pursue the strategy even though they know it's doomed:
>"We have to try," says the Senate aide. "Having 
>this fight will show the people who sent us here 
>that we are a party of principle. And after we 
>lose this fight, all of our guys are going to 
>have an issue that we can run on and win."
>The key phrase in this quote is "all of our 
>guys." Which guys is he referring to?
>A government shutdown wouldn't endear Senate 
>Republicans to the public as awhole. That's why 
>Republican  senators like Tom Coburn (Okla.) and 
>John Cornyn (Tex.) 
>dissing  the Lee strategy.
>But it would give Tea Party senators like Rand 
>Paul (Ky.) and Ted Cruz (Tex.) big, public 
>opportunities to "stand up to Obamacare" and 
>improve their standing with the sort of very 
>conservative voters who have a lot of influence 
>in the Iowa caucuses.  A government shutdown as 
>a Hail Mary against Obamacare might be thesort 
>of thing Cruz could run on and win Iowa.
>It's a good example ofthe diverging incentives 
>facing individual Republican officials and the 
>party as a whole. Individual senators can 
>benefit by picking fights that makeit harder for 
>the party to build a majority electoral 
>coalition. But in this instance, most senators 
>seem to realize that would be a mistake.
>It won't be that hard to get a CR through the 
>Senate. The more difficult question will be the 
>House, where individual members are more 
>conservative andrepresent districts where they 
>can more easily disregard broad public opinion.
>But last time House Republicans had the 
>opportunity to force a government shutdown, in 
>March, they got gun-shy, realizing that the 
>shutdownfights of 1995-6 under Speaker Newt 
>Gingrich did not play out well for Republicans.
>Boehner may have to break the "Hastert Rule" to 
>pass the CR: That is, he'll let it come to a 
>vote and pass mostly with Democratic support. 
>But far from angering his caucus, he will be 
>giving them exactly what they want. They will be 
>able to avoid a government shutdown fightwithout 
>ever having to vote to fund Obamacare.
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