[Rushtalk] Syria Conflict Intensifies As Bears Enter War

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Syria Conflict Intensifies As Bears Enter War
Aug 28, 2013  
Rebel and government forces alike say the sudden appearance of 
bears has significantly worsened the state of turmoil in Syria. 

DAMASCUS—Syria’s ongoing civil war entered a new 
and dangerous phase today as tens of thousands of bloodthirsty bears 
reportedly descended on the strife-torn country, charging from city to 
city on a murderous rampage.
Terrified witnesses confirmed that scores of semi-conscious residents have been dragged from their homes by their necks, torn limb from limb, and had their innards feasted upon by hordes of vicious bears, which 
appeared to target individuals regardless of whether they supported 
President Bashar al-Assad or the insurgent opposition.
“We thought the violence couldn’t possibly get any worse, and then 
all of a sudden the streets were crawling with ferocious, roaring bears, indiscriminately thrashing everything in sight,” said Syrian rebel 
commander Salim Idris, wearing an eyepatch from a fresh claw wound he 
sustained earlier in the day. “I directed my fighters to shoot them on 
sight, but each bear takes so many bullets to subdue, and when one 
finally goes down three more fill in to take its place.”
“I don’t know what side the bears are on, but at this point it might 
not even matter,” he continued. “They’re everywhere and they’re 
extremely angry.”
Reports indicate that numerous species of bears have taken up 
positions in Syria’s shelled-out towns and cities, with residents 
confirming sightings of brown bears, spectacled bears, Asian sun bears, 
panda bears, and polar bears, many of which are said to appear bright 
red as their coats have been stained with human blood and viscera. 
Sources also reported witnessing scores of wild-eyed black bears 
scrambling up fire escapes and telephone poles to claw their way into 
upper floors of buildings, as well as ferocious Kodiak bears burrowing 
into underground shelters where many of the nation’s fearful citizens 
have taken refuge from the constant fighting and threat of chemical 
weapons attacks.
Syria’s hospitals, already overwhelmed with casualties from the 
near-daily sniper and mortar fire, have reportedly found themselves 
struggling to keep up with a sudden influx of severe bear maulings, bear tramplings, and innumerable bear bites.
Humanitarian agencies have also been rushing to replenish the 
country’s supplies of emergency food rations, which are said to have 
been scavenged to the point of exhaustion by the legions of burly ursine foragers who can consume over a hundred pounds of food or flesh per 
“Before, all we had to worry about were gunfights and bombings, but 
now it’s gunfights, bombings, and bears,” said Raqqah resident Mustafa 
al-Khatib, who, like most Syrians, said he avoids venturing out onto 
streets strewn with rubble, body parts, and bear droppings. “Waiting in 
line each morning for our bread was already practically a suicide 
mission with all of Assad’s airstrikes, but now we have to watch out for bears who are just there for the bread. Things were better when it was 
just a ruthless government onslaught.”
According to local sources, at least 5,000 Syrian men, women, and 
children have been confirmed killed by bears in recent days, though the 
number is widely considered an underestimate as many bodies are believed to have been entirely consumed by the hungry omnivores.
“My son was eaten by a bear, my brother was shot by rebels and then 
eaten by a bear—this is the reality we have to live with every day,” 
said 32-year-old Amira Najjar, who noted that her entire refugee camp 
was recently torn to shreds by a family of Alaskan grizzlies. “And they 
can’t be reasoned with. They have no allegiance to any side. If Bashar 
al-Assad walked into the street right now he would absolutely be killed 
and eaten by bears.”
“I honestly don’t even know what’s going on here anymore,” added Najjar, dazedly shaking her head.
According to Syrians on both sides of the conflict, entire swaths of 
the country are now off-limits for fear that bombed-out buildings and 
blast craters could be harboring bands of angry scorpions, komodo 
dragons, mace-wielding cavaliers in full chain mail, or, as children 
recently swimming off the country’s coast discovered, giant piranhas.
“We’ve tried laying traps, blanketing the streets with land 
mines—we’ve even imported several dozen cargo planes full of Africanized bees to combat the bears, but the bees just ended up attacking us, too. Nothing has worked and we’re running out of options,” said Ahmed 
Rahmoud, a spokesman for the embattled regime. “While President Assad 
is, at present, willing to sit down and negotiate, these creatures are 
not only leaderless, they seem completely unwilling to compromise.”
At press time, thousands of lions, hawks, anacondas, fire ants, 
flesh-eating bacteria, shrieking black-caped horsemen, and leather-clad 
motorcycle gangs were seen amassing just a few miles away from the 
Syrian border.
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