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James O’Keefe confronts his old nemesis ­ and hilarity ensues

C. Johnson 2:32 PM 08/26/2013


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Conservative filmmaker and activist James O’Keefe 
confronted the former U.S. attorney who prosecuted him in an amusing new video.

O’Keefe was attempting to give a copy of his 
bestselling book to his old nemesis Jim Letten, 
now a dean at Tulane University School of Law. In 
the book, O’Keefe alleges that Letten’s close 
ties to Sen. Mary Landrieu and President Barack 
Obama influenced his decision to prosecute O’Keefe.

In January 2010, James O’Keefe and three men were 
charged by Letten’s office with malicious intent 
to damage Landrieu’s office phone systems. 
O’Keefe was sentenced to three years’ probation, 
100 hours of community service, and a $1,500 fine 
in what he says was an unjust prosecution.

After not finding Letten at home and offering a 
book to Letten’s wife, O’Keefe left a message on 
Letten’s office voicemail asking to meet with 
Letten as a prospective law student. O’Keefe has 
completed one year of law school.

When O’Keefe arrived at Tulane University he was 
greeted by campus police. Letten, who had been 
waiting for O’Keefe, then launched into a tirade.


“Listen to me,” Letten said. “Listen to me, 
hobbits, okay? Listen to me. Listen to me. Pay 
attention to me. Listen to me. You went to my 
house. You terrorized my wife. You are violating 
federal law. You are violating state law. You’re 
trespassing. You’re a nasty, little cowardly 
spud. All of you. You’re hobbits. You are less 
than I could ever tell you. You are scum.”

“Don’t ever, don’t ever, ever get close to my 
family again,” Letten continued. “Do you 
understand? Do you understand? I didn’t prosecute 
your case, asshole! I recused. I recused. I 
I recused from your case
Listen to me. 
Listen to me. Listen to me. You violating federal 
law. You spend your life as a snail. You do weird 
little political things. You’re a horse’s ass.”

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