[Rushtalk] A real weiner of a day

Carl Spitzer cwsiv at keepandbeararms.com
Fri Aug 30 20:32:07 MDT 2013

On Wed, 2013-08-28 at 10:57 -0700, Steven Laib wrote:
> I always preferred to refer to him as Anthony's Weiner.  
> It's a shame to have to use Hank Williams, but it is apropos.  

A good straight man is hard to find but once in a while you find great
ones just waiting to be discovered.
As I remember Rush credited the DNC with being devoted to providing him
with endless material and specifically naming Clinton.
To which the left intoned with a prayer to the earth mother goddess that
Clinton's departure would destroy Rush.
Well Rush is here and Clinton is gone and Hillary is only an ugly

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