[Rushtalk] TSA Searching Cars At Airports

Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Sat Aug 31 05:31:57 MDT 2013

At 07:25 PM 8/30/2013 -0700, Carl Spitzer wrote:
>On Fri, 2013-08-30 at 04:25 -0400, Paf Dvorak wrote:
>>At 10:46 PM 8/29/2013 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:
>>>I'm calling bullshit!!!!   There is absolutely no excuse for you 
>>>to be habitually late one or two months for the last several 
>>>years... other  than you want to be.
>>Maybe he has a life off the internets. (I can't imagine such a 
>>thing, but I guess it's possible...)
>Yup its called a job and sometimes my 51 years age requires me to 
>sleep early and save fun times for days off.
>I did manage to get banned by a thin skinned liberal witch on 
>Politics_CurrentEvents_Group on Yahoo.  Seems she did not like my 
>classification of liberals according to their 
>characteristics.  Interestingly enough they never complained she 
>whined on their behalf.

We over at halebobb yahoo groups have NEVER banned anyone!
"Liberals" talk about freedom of speech, but they are terrified of 
people with a different POV!
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hale_bobb  We're "wide open" now...you 
don't have to be "approved" to join, you can come and go as you 
please (you still have to be joined up to read the list but you can 
post without being a member--email: hale_bobb at yahoogroups.com

Be sure to read the blurb and the FAQ and the one linked (where John 
Quayle is mentioned therein).

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