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At 02:12 PM 2/1/2013, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
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>Looks are definitely an indicator of 
>intelligence, and are most definitely relevant 
>to any political or scientific 
>exchange.  Leaving out looks when discussing 
>science, mathematics, etc. is overlooking the 
>most significant evidence/proof one could offer 
>to support one’s position. I am glad you use 
>this as your primary evidence of your claim that 
>she is one of the biggest lunatics on the planet. How big is she?  6’4”? 7’9”?

         Barely five feet. I don't think she 
comes past my elbow. Paul Krugman is another and 
I understand he's pretty short, too. Fracking and 
drilling go back more than 60 years without 
incident - until now. She has gas appliances in 
her residence. Where she think it comes from?

>  She’s writing about drilling and fracking, and 
> you counter with an attack on her position on 
> global warming and her looks. Great come-back.

         Doesn't matter.........long as we keep 
listening to Chicken Littles and frauds, America 
will never become energy independent. I made the 
point about global warming because she continues 
to insist there's "scientific evidence" to 
support the theory. I wrote a letter to the 
editor back when "Climategate" was a big story 
and her response was that "Climategate was debunked."

         Why? Is it because she said so? Sorry, I 
didn't get the memo. This woman is a complete 
fraud and I wouldn't believe a thing she said 
even if she put her right hand on Jesus Christ!

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>          This woman is not only a Phd (teaching 
> at the local college, Washington & Jefferson), 
> but is one of the biggest lunatics on the 
> planet. She still insists global warming is 
> real, despite the evidence from the East Anglia 
> e-mails that prove conclusively, the whole 
> thing is a complete hoax. Worst of all, she 
> lives smack across the street from me and if 
> looks could kill, I'd have died several years ago.
>fracking not safe
>In the letter “Natural gas provides a better 
>life,” which appeared in the Jan. 23 edition of 
>the Observer-Reporter, Steve Duran implies that 
>objections to shale gas extraction are 
>superficial, selfish and baseless. According to 
>Duran, people object because they don’t like 
>noise, their truck is going to get dusty or they 
>don’t like the bright lights or the big trucks on the road.
>If Duran would do as he himself urged and look 
>at the facts, he’d see that drilling and 
>slickwater horizontal hydraulic fracturing for 
>shale gas is not “pretty safe” and that every 
>item on his list contributes to the damage.
>High noise levels cause an increase in stress 
>hormones, which leads to high blood pressure and 
>increased risk of cardiovascular disease. It 
>also suppresses the immune system. Studies have 
>shown effects on learning in school children. 
>Noise impacts wildlife as well, interfering with 
>animal-to-animal communication, predator and 
>prey detection, and navigation and migration.
>Dust associated with fracking may come from 
>dried flowback fluids that in many places are 
>sprayed as de-icing brine on roads. In addition 
>to high levels of sodium and calcium, frack 
>flowback fluids can also contain cancer-causing 
>chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, and 
>polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and dozens of 
>other chemicals which can harm eyes, skin, 
>liver, kidneys, the respiratory system, the 
>gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular 
>system, and the central nervous system. 
>Particularly insidious are the 
>endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which at 
>extremely low levels can alter development, 
>reproduction, metabolism, and behavior in humans and wildlife.
>Other frack-related dust comes from the enormous 
>amounts of silica sand that is used to hold open 
>cracks in the fracked shale. Inhalation of 
>silica dust can lead to inflammation and 
>scarring of the lungs, which makes the sufferer 
>more susceptible to lung infections by bacteria 
>and fungi. This silicosis is irreversible and has no cure.
>Light pollution disrupts the circadian day/night 
>rhythms of humans and other mammals as well as 
>birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. In 
>humans, excessive light at night can contribute 
>to sleep disorders, depression, and increased 
>risk for breast cancer. Light pollution alters 
>plant development as well, affecting a variety 
>of events including root growth, shoot growth, 
>and bud break and flowering. Light pollution 
>even contributes to air pollution by preventing 
>the buildup of chemicals that help to neutralize 
>nitrogen oxides that contribute to smog.
>Big diesel trucks can make as many as 1,000 
>trips per well during the drilling and fracking 
>process. The exhaust from these trucks is a 
>major health hazard. Particulate matter 
>irritates eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and 
>contributes to respiratory and cardiovascular 
>diseases. Nitrogen oxides promote ground-level 
>ozone, linked to headache, asthma and other lung 
>diseases. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contribute to lung cancer.
>Duran didn’t even mention the more-familiar 
>hazards; contamination of millions of gallons of 
>freshwater each time a well is fracked; spills 
>and leaks which pollute water, soil, and air; 
>evaporation of toxic chemicals from flowback 
>holding ponds; deliberate dumping of frack 
>flowback water into streams and rivers; escape 
>of methane from wells, which contributes to 
>global warming; destruction of farmland and 
>forests and the resulting increase in invasive 
>species, including agricultural pests. None of 
>this is only for a short period of time.
>Since the 1970s, U.S. farm policy has been 
>heavily influenced by the chemical and fossil 
>fuel industries. The result has favored 
>get-big-or-get-out industrialized agriculture, 
>leading to the demise of millions of family 
>farms. If Duran takes a closer look, he’ll see 
>that the fossil fuel industry, which he has 
>embraced as the answer to a life of hard work 
>with little to show for it, has not only played 
>a major role in making family farming much less 
>profitable than it used to be, but also is 
>damaging the soil, water and air upon which his livelihood depends.
>Candy DeBerry
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> <http://www.observer-reporter.com/article/20130131/OPINION02/130139889>FULL 
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