[Rushtalk] Local Nuts With A Penn's Woods Flavor

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at verizon.net
Fri Feb 1 17:23:16 MST 2013



         Barely five feet. I don't think she comes past my elbow. Paul
Krugman is another and I understand he's pretty short, too. 


Then I guess neither is likely the biggest.  But then, only one person can
be the biggest.  Right?  I mean - that's the significance of the


Fracking and drilling go back more than 60 years without incident - until


I don't know - either way. Just because we have been doing something for 60
years doesn't make it safe.  Doesn't make it unsafe either.   I would hope
that, over 60 years, we are learning something.  And I hope we would apply
that knowledge objectively.  Wow.  When's the last time we have seen
objectivity on either political side?


She has gas appliances in her residence. Where she think it comes from?



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