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At 05:34 AM 2/2/2013 -0800, Tom Matiska wrote:
>Previous paragraphs specify the fines/penalties 
>are to be included when filing taxes. I can't 
>find the proposed chapter B, sub chapter 68 referred to.

I can't either, but I'm still looking.

>The language seems to say the HHS Secretary can 
>not file liens to collect the penalty,

It's a sure strange thing to put into a "law".

>  but I'm not sure that is the same as saying it 
> wouldn't be business as usual when it comes 
> time for the IRS to collect the "taxes" 
> (*SCOTUS approved name for penalties) you owe.
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>I'm re-asking because nobody answered the first time.
>Is this (in red below) correct?
>If I refuse to pay "my fair share" will they not fine me or persecute me?
>26 U. S. C. §5000A(g)(2)
>(g) Administration and procedure
>(1) In general
>The penalty provided by this section shall be 
>paid upon notice and demand by the Secretary, 
>and except as provided in paragraph (2), shall 
>be assessed and collected in the same manner as 
>an assessable penalty under subchapter B of chapter 68.
>(2) Special rules
>Notwithstanding any other provision of law­
>(A) Waiver of criminal penalties
>In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to 
>timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, 
>such taxpayer shall not be subject to any 
>criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.
>(B) Limitations on liens and levies
>The Secretary shall not­
>(i) file notice of lien with respect to any 
>property of a taxpayer by reason of any failure 
>to pay the penalty imposed by this section, or
>(ii) levy on any such property with respect to such failure.
>I just changed the colors, nothing more. 
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