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Hagel endorsed by Communist Party USA

Obama's defense nominee previously earned Iran's blessing

Published: 16 hours ago
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After reportedly receiving support from Iran, 
Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s defense secretary 
nominee, has yet another endorsement to add to 
his resume, this one coming from the Communist Party USA.

World, the Communist Party USA’s official 
magazine, touted Hagel as “represent[ing] the 
more sober elements who have called in our 
national discourse for rejection of the old cold 
war tactics, the unilateralism and the continual 
push for wars all over the world.”

The magazine’s labor editor, John Wojcik, slammed 
the ”neocon” U.S. Senate for trying to “force 
Hagel to disavow his opposition to what they call 
the ‘successful’ surges in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

A People’s World blast email further lamented 
Hagel “is still the subject of controversy due to 
some mild criticism he made of the State of Israel.”

Wojcik contended “it was the U.S. Senate, not 
President Obama’s nominee, Chuck Hagel, that fell 
down on the job at the hearings.”

“It was allowed to become a place for right-wing 
grandstanding and unacceptable efforts to rewrite history,” he continued.

Wojcik conceded that Hagel “does not have the 
kind of record that progressives conclude will 
make him a Secretary of Defense who would chart 
the entirely new foreign policy direction the times require.”

Last week Hagel took heat from Sen. Jim Inhofe, 
R-Oka., who asked during the Senate hearings why 
Iran supports Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary.

As a senator, Hagel opposed sanctions on Iran, 
instead calling for “direct, unconditional 
talks.” He was one of only 12 senators who 
refused to sign a letter asking the European 
Union to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

WND reported Hagel went on the Middle East 
satellite network Al Jazeera in 2009 to argue 
that before dealing with the nuclear arsenals of 
rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea, the 
U.S. and Russia must first lead the effort by 
phasing out their own nuclear weapons.

WND also reported Hagel serves on the board of 
the Ploughshares Fund, a George Soros-funded 
group that advocates a nuclear-free world.

The Ploughshares Fund has a long history of 
anti-war advocacy and is a partner of the 
Marxist-oriented Institute for Policy Studies, 
which has urged the defunding of the Pentagon and 
massive decreases in U.S. defense capabilities, 
including slashing the American nuclear arsenal to 292 deployed weapons.

Hagel’s thesis on minimizing the U.S. nuclear 
arsenal was reiterated in a 2012 report he 
co-authored titled “Global Zero: U.S. Nuclear Policy Commission.”

The report called for an 80-percent reduction in 
U.S. nuclear weapons to about 900, with only half 
of those being deployed. It further called for 
the eventual phasing out of short-range nuclear 
weapons and the elimination of ICBMs and B-52 bombers.

The report was the initiative of the Global Zero 
advocacy group, which works for a nuclear-free world.

Hagel co-authored the commission report with 
former U.S. diplomat Thomas Pickering, who 
reportedly previously held clandestine meetings 
with Hamas aiming to open U.S. dialogue with the terrorist group.

Iran is arguably the largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Regarding his views on jihad, WND exposed that in 
unreported remarks during a 2007 Senate hearing, 
Hagel posited that terrorism does not arise from 
religious beliefs but instead is a response to despair and a lack of hope.

The Communist Party USA may ideologically support some of Hagel’s ties.

WND reported Hagel sits on the board of a fund 
that serves as the main financial backer of a 
group urging the U.S. to join the U.N.’s 
International Criminal Court, which could 
prosecute American citizens and soldiers for “war crimes” and other offenses.

Opposes U.S. missile defense

Ploughshares, meanwhile, opposes America’s 
development of a missile defense system and 
contributes to scores of anti-war groups highly 
critical of U.S. foreign policy and military expansion.

Ploughshares is directed by Joseph Cirincione, 
who served as an adviser on nuclear issues to 
Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Cirincione 
also was director of nuclear policy at the Center for American Progress.

Among the groups to which Ploughshares donates 
are the anti-Israel Americans for Peace Now, the 
Arms Control Association, the Carnegie Endowment 
for International Peace, the Center for 
Constitutional Rights, the Center for Policy 
Alternatives, the Soros-funded Center for Public 
Integrity, the radical Citizen Action, Citizens 
for Environmental Justice, the Coalition for New 
Priorities and the radical Institute for Policy Studies.

More grantees include the New America Foundation, 
the Nonviolent Peaceforce, the Nuclear Age Peace 
Foundation, the Nuclear Freeze Foundation, the 
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Peace Action, 
the Peace Studies Association, Physicians for 
Human Rights and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Ploughshares has also funded the Soros-financed 
Connect US Fund, which urges more U.N. helmets on 
U.S. troops, as well as the Center for American 
Progress, which has strong influence on White House policy.

Also on the list of Ploughshares grantees is The 
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which has long 
petitioned for the U.S. to reduce its nuclear 
stockpiles. According to Pavel Sudoplatov, a 
former major-general in Soviet intelligence, the 
work by the magazine editors was for the benefit of the Soviet Union.

Two of the magazine’s founding sponsors, Leo 
Szilard and Robert Oppenheimer, were accused of 
passing information from the Manhattan Project to 
the Soviets. Both were also key initiators of the Manhattan Project.

Ploughshares funds the International Crisis 
Group, a small organization that boasts Soros on 
its board and is a key promoter of the 
Responsibility to Protect doctrine used to 
justify the NATO airstrikes in Libya last year.

Massive defense slashes

Another Ploughshares grantee is the Institute for Policy Studies.

Ploughshares is listed on the institute’s website as a partner organization.

The institute works with the Center for American 
Progress to release an annual “Unified Security 
Budget,” which reportedly has influenced White 
House military policy. Previous recommendations 
from the two groups’ yearly Unified Security 
Budgets have been adapted by the Obama administration.

The 2012 budget, reviewed in full by WND, called 
on Obama to use the U.S. Armed Forces in part to 
combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, 
remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations 
and increase “peacekeeping” forces worldwide.

The budget called for massive, second-term 
slashes to the military budget. The savings are 
to be used to invest in “sustainable energy” and 
in fighting worldwide climate change.

The report makes clear the stated objective of 
transforming the U.S. Armed Forces to stress conflict resolution and diplomacy.

The report takes issue with the use of forces on 
the ground in various countries to secure or 
influence the longer-term strategic position of other nations.

It recommends scaling back all U.S. ground forces 
by 20 percent and reducing the Navy’s surface 
fleet by 20 percent, including two carriers and 
carrier combat air wings. It also calls for 
reducing the Air Force by two combat air wings 
while cutting standing peacetime overseas 
deployments in Europe and East Asia by up to 50,000 troops at a time.

The budget’s authors strongly argue for the 
reduction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal to no more 
than 292 deployed nuclear weapons and the 
complete elimination of the Trident II nuclear 
missile. It’s a process Obama already initiated 
in April 2010 when he signed a deal with Russia 
reducing stocks of weapons-grade plutonium.

The accord with Russia was signed at a nuclear 
summit in Washington arranged by Obama at which 
leaders of 47 nations committed to reducing the 
world’s nuclear stockpiles. One week earlier, 
Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and Obama 
signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or 
START, committing both countries to reducing their deployed nuclear arsenals.

Obama had broadly proclaimed his disarmament 
intentions during a 2007 campaign speech.

“Here’s what I’ll say as president: America seeks 
a world in which there are no nuclear weapons,” Obama said.

By 2010, as president, he was arguing: “We need 
to change our nuclear policy and our posture, 
which is still focused on deterring the Soviet 
Union – a country that doesn’t exist.”

Obama’s declaration came just as Russia signed a 
major arms deal with Syria and began to revive 
its Cold War-era naval bases in the Middle East, 
including in the Syrian ports of Tartus and Latakia on the Mediterranean.

The joint CAP and IPS report, meanwhile, 
recommends the U.S. cease all further development of missile defenses.

The report pushes for all current missile defense 
programs to be cut, including Ground-based 
Midcourse Defense, Airborne Laser and Kinetic Energy Interceptors.

“It is unwise to fund more advanced systems for 
missile defense while current ones have yet to be 
proven effective against their targeted threats,” complains the report.

The military’s vital Research, Development, Test, 
and Evaluation program is to be cut by $10 billion across the board.

Next on the chopping block: the complete 
cancellation of the second SSN-744 Virginia Class 
submarine. While the Unified Security Budget 
describes the new model as “unnecessary to 
address any of the threats facing the United 
States today” and “a weapon looking for an 
enemy,” the SSN-774 is designed for covert 
collection of intelligence, transportation of 
special operations teams and launching of 
tactical Tomahawk missiles – flexible 
capabilities tailored to rapid responses required 
by the 21st-century’s conflicts with irregular combatants.

Similarly targeted for cancellation are the V-22 
Osprey helicopter and the Navy and Marine Corps 
versions of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Combating ‘global warming’

The 2012 Unified report sets the tone of its 
lofty agenda by demanding immediate reductions in 
the military’s already heavily slashed budget. 
But there is one exception requiring massive 
increases in funding – any spending that funds 
“alternative energy” or focuses Defense 
Department resources on combating “climate change as a security threat.”

The report authors recommend investing “the 
lion’s share” of the few allotted military 
increases in addressing the so-called “threat” of climate change.

The report wants Obama to take billions of 
dollars from the U.S. military and instead use them for a “green stimulus.”

These groups also envision the military as a tool 
to fight so-called global warming. In 2011, IPS 
released a 40-page CAP-endorsed report titled 
“The Green Dividend,” a term IPS defines as “a 
major shift of resources from the military budget to sustainable energy.”

The IPS research paper identifies the Pentagon as 
the “largest institutional energy user – and 
greenhouse gas emitter – on the planet,” arguing 
that if it undertook a “crash program” to convert 
to renewable energy sources and clean vehicles, 
it could make a significant impact on global emissions.

IPS calls on the Pentagon to contribute to a 
green world “by simply getting out of the way, by 
handing over unneeded military installations to 
be converted into green job incubators.”

The report lauds Obama’s first-ever U.S. Global 
Development Policy, which was issued in September 
2010 and declares that the primary purpose of 
development aid is to pursue broad-based economic 
growth as the means to fight global poverty.

The report goes on to recommend that massive 
funds be sent to combat global woes, including an 
increase of $3.5 billion to “Global Health” 
investment and $2.14 billion to support United 
Nations peacekeeping and ensure that the United 
States does not fall behind in U.N. payments.
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