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On Thursday, January 3, 2013, the distorted and biased TV show LAW AND
ORDER, SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT aired a blatantly anti-gun show entitled
INFECTED, wherein guns were described as a “virus” infecting young

The show featured a young Black male who was driven to murder because he
saw his own mother murdered with a gun. The implication was that seeing
a gun used caused him to use a gun himself. 

Such distortions are nonsense. There are millions of people who have
seen guns used for self-defense and hunting purposes, yet have never
turned to murder. This depiction is nothing but blatant and false
anti-gun propaganda.

The pimp who murdered the boy's mother is depicted as a White male,
which is another distortion, since the vast majority of pimps (and
murderers) are Black men. I suppose depicting a Black male pimp would be
“politically incorrect” even though truthful.

In the courtroom scene a supposed Black “doctor” from Chicago (which has
a huge murder rate despite its ban on guns) states that seeing people
use guns causes young Blacks to commit crimes. What nonsense! Thousands
of young people belong to the NRA and have seen people use guns, yet
never murder anyone. This is yet another example of Black excuse-making
and scapegoating. 

Also in the courtroom scene, a representative of the National Gun
Association (read: NRA) is depicted as being a biased White male
gun-nut. The case ends in dismissal, when it should have been
Justifiable Homicide, since the boy kills the man who murdered his

(Another biased TV show, CRIMINAL MINDS, also depicts most killers as
being White males, ignoring the fact that most murders are committed by
Black males.)

As a responsible, law-abiding White male gun-owner, and long-time NRA
member, I am sick and tired of the Socialist Media blatantly, and
falsely, depicting White males as criminals and gun nuts, while
deliberately ignoring the facts about race and crime.

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