[Rushtalk] This is pathetic.

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>John, get a grip.  There was violent crime prior 
>to Obama.  In fact, in many metro areas, violent 
>crime is down.  Was the violent crime from 2000 -> 2008 the Bush mindset?

         Stephen, YOU get a grip, my friend! 
Violent crime - no matter who is at fault - is 
far more prevalent now than ever before. Do you not see this?

>Anything goes?  Maybe in Pennsylvania, but 
>certainly not here. Again, violent crime is down 
>here. Still not any tolerable level, but down. 
>You may label it any way you want, and you can 
>accuse me of sleeping through it, ignoring it, 
>whatever you chose. But you will not intimidate me into your way of thinking.

         I'm not out to intimidate anybody, 
Stephen. Either you see it or you don't! 
Disregard for one's fellow man is rampant now-a-days.

>It is simply illogical, and unfounded.

         I can't help you......................

>The true non sequitur.
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>The panic induced shooting of these two women is 
>a travesty.  But it has NOTHING to do with 
>Obama.  You continue to lose more and more 
>credibility when you post like this.  Blaming 
>this on Obama is as stupid as Obama blaming his stupidity on Bush.
>          It's a mindset......go back to sleep, Stephen.............
>Yawn.  The mindset is believing that you – yes, 
>you –can blame all of the ills of society on 
>Obama just like he blames all of them on Bush.  There is no difference.
>          Again, it's a mindset, as predicted by 
> Michael Savage........he predicted lawlessness 
> in October of 2008. We're there. If you refuse 
> to acknowledge it, that's YOUR problem. We're 
> at the stage where anything goes and the 
> Constitution means nothing. Don't wanna see it? 
> I can't help you. There's no more protection or 
> law that helps the average schmuck. It's sad and you don't see it! - jaq
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