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John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Mon Feb 11 21:15:10 MST 2013

At 08:44 PM 2/11/2013, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
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>John, you are ignoring facts. But who needs 
>those, anyway? Right? Are you using valid 
>statistics, John, or just your own observations?

         Well, shame on me for merely observing...........

>Your post here is purely emotional and devoid of 
>any facts or data. “Michael Savage says” is not data.

         I trust Savage's research. Again, shame on me............

>Like I wrote, John:   your conclusions on this 
>do not follow from the real, available data. Non sequitur. Textbook example.
>My only point here is to quit blaming Obama for 
>everything. I don’t like him. I despise him. But 
>he is no more fully at fault than Bush was.

         Now, I'm not letting Bush off the hook 
here, either. The police state we currently 
suffer with was begun under Clinton and fed by "W".

>He is not fomenting crime, he is not promoting 
>crime, and he is not tolerating crime – any more 
>than Bush or any other president.

         Stephen, WHOM is the Attorney General, 
currently? Was he not appointed by Obama? Said 
A-G said he would NOT prosecute the Black 
Panthers for poll intimidation following the 2008 
election - even though evidence was caught on 
video. Now then, Obama appointed this fool. He IS 
tolerating crime, if not directly, then by his inactions!

>When you try to pin all of this on him – or when 
>the liberals try to pin it all on Bush – 
>you/they lose all credibility.  There is no 
>difference between what you are doing and what 
>the libs try to do to the conservatives. One in the same. Indistinguishable.

         Complete nonsense!  
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