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<http://shar.es/110NT>The forgotten amendment

Amendment III- "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house,
without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be
prescribed by law."

Once again, just to forestall any misunderstandings, I will state 
that rights do not come from any government nor from its documents. 
The best use of the Bill of Rights is to illustrate that the US 
government is no longer a legitimate authority, if it ever was. It 
lost that privilege when it unilaterally gave itself the power to 
interpret and enforce (?) 
contract that allowed it to exist in the first place. A contract that 
was dead wrong from the very beginning, of course, but one that is 
now completely irrelevant, except as a clear illustration of wrong-doing.

That being the case, it is still clear that the person who wrote the 
words of the Third Amendment knew it was wrong to do what he forbade 
government from doing, and that the people who voted to ratify this 
amendment understood the same thing. Trespassing, especially by 
government agents and employees, is wrong.

Now, perhaps the US government hasn't violated the letter of the law, 
but they sure violate its spirit on a daily basis in regions all over 
the globe.

Putting military bases in other "countries" is a violation of the 
Third Amendment. Remember, the Bill of Rights was never contingent 
upon the victim being a "US citizen"; only upon the perpetrator being 
an employee of the US federal government. Period. It only prohibited 
actions by government, and never applied in any way to those of us 
who do not work for that criminal organization. That means it is just 
as wrong for an employee of the US government to commit a forbidden 
act against anyone, regardless of where on the globe it happens or 
what pedigree the person has, as it is for an employee of the US 
government to commit the same act against you or me in our own homes. 
Wrong is wrong.

That is only the beginning. The foreign US bases are built upon land 
stolen by the local government, or by the US government, from its 
rightful owners. Military bases exist due to coercive agreements 
between governments and are maintained by theft and force. They are 
filled with trespassers and, by their very existence, cause you and I 
to be in more danger from angry "foreigners" than we would otherwise 
be. Remember: freedom is not free, but it can not be purchased with government.

Of course, this all serves the government agenda quite well. Cause a 
threat to exist and then pretend to be the solution. It's a lie, but 
a useful one when people don't see what you are really doing. Some of 
us see through the lies.

Paf Dvorak

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