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>>         Oh, but there's NOTHING to worry about, is there?!?
>This is a problem caused by and continued by government.
>I'm sure everything will be better if we all just vote the bastards out.
>It's bound to get better, don't you think?
>The problem is in fact being caused by govt, but in an indirect way 
>by a combination of environmental policies that have limited 
>electricity supplies and utility deregulation that has allowed 
>increased demand.  Those changes have been supported by the voting 
>public.... FOR DECADES....
>An attempt to overturn California's 1996 "deregulation"( which 
>basically regulated that rolling blackouts would become a certainty) 
>was on the 1997 ballot.   Stevie Wonder could see the grid was going 
>to maxed out, but the measure failed.  24 states have since passed 
>some form of "deregulation", which is turning our nations supply vs 
>demand curve into another "cliff".
>Don't hold your breath waiting for the age old capitalist solution 
>of building more plants. Utility/govt control of peak demand is the 
>new reality.  Get involved in your state's Public Utility Commission 
>meeting.  When someone from the utility testifies to the PUC that 
>their proposal for peak demand control will save them from building 
>XX new plants for XXX Billions of dollars that would emit XXXX of 
>greenhouse gasses I can tell you it will pass.  Only thing you can 
>control is what form of peak control will pass.

As someone living under the rulings of the TVA and who has seen the 
trickery and lies foisted upon the people in the Tennessee Valley, I 
think anyone's chances of freedom under these tyrants is less than zero.
We can "get involved" all we want, but they'll (by they I mean gov't 
& those who fund behind-the-scenes government) walk all over us and 
do what they want.
Many people in the TN valley willingly gave up their land (or 
accepted tiny stipends for their lands) for the promise of free 
electricity, and now TVA uses those dams to generate electricity, 
they run (of course) deficits, which the tax payer funds, sell the 
electricity they make to neighboring states at below market value (so 
the neighboring state monopolies can sell to consumers at a profit) 
and we here in the valley get our electricity from coal, also heavily 
And we have the dirtiest air in the east.

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