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Logical Consistency Warning: Severe mental 
discomfort may result from any serious 
consideration of the comparison made in the 
following essay. Please disregard said comparison 
as ridiculous in order to restore previous state of mental tranquility.

Here is a familiar passage that any 
self-respecting Patriot recognizes and supports:

". . . that whenever any Form of Government 
becomes destructive of these ends, it is the 
Right of the People to alter or to abolish it . . . ."

Disciples of the Founding Fathers often cite the 
above extract from the Declaration of 
Independence and its endorsement of armed 
revolution as the proper and just method for The 
People to take back control of The Government run amok.

Well, we are currently being treated to a live 
preview of such action, and I'm sensing that many 
upstanding, moral Constitutionalists don't 
approve of what they are witnessing. But of 
course that’s because they don't make the connection. Or else refuse to.

If you want to know what revolution looks like, 
check out what's happening in California. A 
gentleman named 
Dorner is currently undertaking an armed 
rebellion against a tyrannical organization. He 
has killed people and is threatening to kill some more.

This is the stark ugliness that is baked into 
supposedly noble sentiments such as "The tree of 
liberty must be refreshed from time to time with 
the blood of patriots and tyrants." If you 
disapprove of Mr. Dorner's actions, then I can't 
see how you can advocate for revolution, which is 
the exact same idea, only with lots more murder.

Wait­what?! That’s a horribly offensive, invalid 
comparison! He killed innocent people! Besides, 
he is just an individual. That doesn't count. A 
real revolution requires The People to undertake 
the measure, not just a single individual who has 
irresponsibly decided to take the law into his 
own hands. If The People decide to endure the 
injustices put forth by the government, then no 
individual has the right to take up arms against the system on his own.

Well, as far as the killing of innocents goes, in 
any “real” revolution, there will be many such 
people killed. On purpose, even. That is the 
price that must be paid if you want to play this 
game. In the chaos of revolution, there will be 
many Dorners exacting revenge in ways that suit 
them. This is Pandora’s Box you’re opening, not a 
box of chocolates. Many innocent people will be 
killed, and this must be justified as “being 
worth it” or else the strategy must be abandoned.

As for the rest, what a fine example of 
We can kill but you cannot. We are special and 
you are mundane. The ugliness you wreak as an 
individual is unethical, because only when We 
kill in industrial quantities for The One True 
Just Cause is such killing justified and 
downright noble. As an individual, you are 
nothing. You shall bear the thumb being pressed 
into your forehead until We decide otherwise. Now 
get back in line, you. We are The People. You have been assimilated.

This is what logical inconsistency looks like: 
The tyranny of government shall be countered by 
the tyranny of The People, with the individual at 
all times remaining subservient to both illusory 
creatures. Jim Davies recently summed up quite 
nicely the beauty and simplicity of logical 
consistency as it applies to aggression in 
recent essay here on STR, complete with some 
easy-to-follow examples. If I recall correctly, 
the takeaway message was “A is A.” There was no 
asterisk with fine print copy below that stated 
“except when A is B.” This is simplicity itself, not rocket surgery.

Of course Dorner's actions will not change the 
system except to strengthen it, because he is 
using the system's signature tool­aggression. 
Already the proposal to use 
against him is being trotted out. Thanks for the 
excuse! Drones are Absolutely Necessary to catch 
this domestic terrorist! The winner will justify 
whatever use of force it employs because that’s 
what winners do. And so if Dorner were to 
actually succeed in overthrowing the entire LAPD, 
he would be called a hero and the LAPD would be 
the ones painted with the Big Brush o’ Evil, and 
then he would be in the position to rule the LAPD 
through force. What might happen then?

And this is why revolutions are merely wheels 
spinning in the mud that keep people revolving 
around a central hub of aggression, whirling 
around in an endlessly destructive cycle. We must 
begin to act as individuals in order to break out 
of this, and that is not to say by individually 
taking up arms against the aggressors. Instead, 
walk away and take your spoke out of the wheel 
and take it with you, and encourage others to do 
the same. The wheel cannot continue to spin 
without spokes. Disconnect from the violence. 
Unplug. The hub is useless when it is disconnected from the rest of the wheel.

You say you want a real solution? Revolutions 
feed the violence and keep the wheel spinning in 
place. Let's just end this ride once and for all 
and walk together to the destination that 
everyone really wants to reach. There will be, of 
course, those who will not benefit from such a 
mass abandonment and will attempt to stop it. The 
first defense is to stop providing guns and 
blessings to these people. The next step is to 
garner enough support for nonaggression to ensure 
that no one will dare stand in front of the 
exodus for fear of being trampled over.

There is one thing stronger than armies: an idea whose time has come.
~Victor Hugo

The idea is nonaggression, and its time is coming.

But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
~John Lennon, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolution_%28song%29>Revolution

Paf Dvorak

<http://thatswaytoomuch.info/>notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info  
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