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John, I have no firsthand knowledge whatsoever 
about what Obama may or may not have 
arranged/said/approved/hinted/implied with 
Holder.  Regardless of what happened there, Obama 
is not responsible – any more than Bush ever was 
– for modern day – or past - crime.

         I will agree that one human cannot 
possibly totally control the actions of another, 
the captain is ultimately responsible for the 
whole of his ship. IOWs, his cabinet appointments 
are to be done with great care and judiciousness. 
Obama's destain for the United States is the 
stuff of legend. It was well chronicled in his 
time, "Dreams From My Father". Just like a tiger 
can't change his stripes, Obama sought similar 
mindset when he made his appointments.

         Richard Nixon fell on his sword to 
protect his White House legal council (John Dean) 
who masterminded, directed, and pulled off the 
infamous Water Gate break-in back in 1972. I 
heard a radio interview with one of his speech 
writers (perhaps it was William Saffire? Could've 
also have been Pat Buchanan or Ben Stein) back in 
1996 that pointed this out. Nixon couldn't 
control Dean's actions, but he took the fall to 
protect Dean, being like a ship's captain.

Dorner’s actions, or anyone else’s – are likely 
all part of a “criminal” mindset, but not the Obama mindset.

         Like-minded thought process at work 
here. This is what Michael Savage meant when he 
predicted in October 2008 that an Obama 
administration would lead to a nation of lawlessness.

In fact, according to the FBI crime statistics, 
violent crime fell 3.8 % last year in the 
maintaining of a several-year trend. Is that the 
Obama mindset? I mean, if you want to blame him 
for crime, then I guess we better also give credit where credit is due.

         Too generalized. Do you have the 
breakdown for black-on-white crime? I'm betting 
that has gone up markedly. Get yourself a copy of 
the book, 
Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty (highly 
recommended by by Dr. Thomas Sowell in "National 
Review" and also the Reverend and talk show host 
Jesse Lee Petersen - both black men). Am I laying 
this at Obama's feet? Not entirely. But rather, 
it's evidence of a profound societal decay 
(related to the leftist entitlement mindset that 
Obama feeds and stokes with great care).

I don’t endorse Obama. He’s a disgrace. And more, 
his policies and ideas are a danger to the 
country – at least I believe so. But to just see 
Dorner’s killing spree and then assert that his 
actions are because of the Obama mindset is as 
irresponsible as Obama blaming Bush for all of his own inadequacies.

We believe in personal responsibility. Well, 
let’s assign some. Dorner’s actions are his own.

         Anybody else would have dismissed 
Dorner's actions and intent without delay and will great disdain.

And I sincerely apologize for any personal 
attack. Totally inappropriate. Maybe it’s the 
global warming. I mean, why not, I read that it’s 
causing the asteroid to pass so close to 
earth.  Or maybe it’s the asteroid itself.

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At 07:22 AM 2/12/2013, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

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          Now, I'm not letting Bush off the hook 
here, either. The police state we currently 
suffer with was begun under Clinton and fed by "W".

I made several comments about the Bush Police 
State years back and you told me there was no 
such thing.  But that is WAY off point.

He is not fomenting crime, he is not promoting 
crime, and he is not tolerating crime – any more 
than Bush or any other president.

          Stephen, WHOM is the Attorney General, currently?

WHO (your emphasis), John, WHO (your emphasis) is the attorney General.

Nice try.  Use your own arguments, not 
Dennis’.  You lose even more credibility.  And see my reply to him.

          I wrote that before I saw Dennis' 
post.......you're simply playing games, now. Talk about no credibility!
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