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At 09:48 AM 2/13/2013 -0800, Tom Matiska wrote:
>I was stunned at the number of wack jobs on 
>Twitter that treated Dorner as if he were a cult 
>hero. It is beyond the pale that some encouraged 
>him to fight on and wished he would get some more cops.
>Not a single one of these tweets struck me as 
>being a disgruntled Romney or Paul supporter. 
>Pretty obvious which side of the political 
>spectrum helped cultivate their culture of hate.

". . . that whenever any Form of Government 
becomes destructive of these ends, it is the 
Right of the People to alter or to abolish it . . . ."

"Disciples of the Founding Fathers often cite the 
above extract from the Declaration of 
Independence and its endorsement of armed 
revolution as the proper and just method for The 
People to take back control of The Government run amok.

"Well, we are currently being treated to a live 
preview of such action, and I'm sensing that many 
upstanding, moral Constitutionalists don't 
approve of what they are witnessing. But of 
course that’s because they don't make the connection. Or else refuse to.

"If you want to know what revolution looks like, 
check out what's happening in California. A 
gentleman named Christopher Dorner is currently 
undertaking an armed rebellion against a 
tyrannical organization. He has killed people and 
is threatening to kill some more.

"This is the stark ugliness that is baked into 
supposedly noble sentiments such as "The tree of 
liberty must be refreshed from time to time with 
the blood of patriots and tyrants." If you 
disapprove of Mr. Dorner's actions, then I can't 
see how you can advocate for revolution, which is 
the exact same idea, only with lots more murder.

"Wait­what?! That’s a horribly offensive, invalid 
comparison! He killed innocent people! Besides, 
he is just an individual. That doesn't count. A 
real revolution requires The People to undertake 
the measure, not just a single individual who has 
irresponsibly decided to take the law into his 
own hands. If The People decide to endure the 
injustices put forth by the government, then no 
individual has the right to take up arms against the system on his own.

"Well, as far as the killing of innocents goes, 
in any “real” revolution, there will be many such 
people killed. On purpose, even. That is the 
price that must be paid if you want to play this 
game. In the chaos of revolution, there will be 
many Dorners exacting revenge in ways that suit 
them. This is Pandora’s Box you’re opening, not a 
box of chocolates. Many innocent people will be 
killed, and this must be justified as “being 
worth it” or else the strategy must be abandoned.

"As for the rest, what a fine example of 
Slavespeak! We can kill but you cannot. We are 
special and you are mundane. The ugliness you 
wreak as an individual is unethical, because only 
when We kill in industrial quantities for The One 
True Just Cause is such killing justified and 
downright noble. As an individual, you are 
nothing. You shall bear the thumb being pressed 
into your forehead until We decide otherwise. Now 
get back in line, you. We are The People. You have been assimilated."

Excerpt from:

Lest you think I want a revolution (since I'm 
pretty damned sure you didn't bother to read this 
article, watch this video. I agree with it too)
You Want to Topple the U.S. Government?

(which shows I don't think "we" should have a 
revolution...another thought I know you didn't 
know because you didn't read the article...)

The soapbox!

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