[Rushtalk] This is pathetic.

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at verizon.net
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Obvious? Evidence, please.  I don't particularly like the LA Police, either.
I don't, though, in any way condone Dorner's actions.  LA Police Department
is saturated with corruption - plenty of proof on file.  And based on its
history, I would not be a bit surprised if Dorner was a victim in 2009.
Gives him no right to do what he just did.  I watch the bullying by LA
Police Department, the recent beating here administered by the Fullerton
police Department, and I am a first-hand witness to bullying by the Chino
Police Department.  I no longer look at much of law enforcement as being "to
protect and serve".  I see them as being very dangerous.


Must be the "Obama mindset".


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I was stunned at the number of wack jobs on Twitter that treated Dorner as
if he were a cult hero.   It is beyond the pale that some encouraged him to
fight on and wished he would get some more cops. 


Not a single one of these tweets struck me as being a disgruntled Romney or
Paul supporter.  Pretty obvious which side of the political spectrum helped
cultivate their culture of hate.




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