[Rushtalk] Micro-chipping Humans Is On The Way!

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Is this supposed to be a satire? Citing a far-gone end-times wing-nut like
Paul Begley to "document" a cockamamie story about forced implantation of
radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips? These devices have been around
for several years. They have some medical uses. My read of the statutes in
question does not reveal anything about forced implantation.


This reminds me of the made-up hysteria in the mid-1990s, when conservatives
screamed that American medical schools were going to start forcing medical
students to perform abortions as part of their training. That was a lie. Not
a little lie, but a great stinking-pile-of-shit lie. What had happened was
that the schools wanted to provide a more definitive policy in one
situation: the student who wants to learn the procedure but goes to a school
that doesn't teach it. To address the lack of policy in this situation, a
policy was adopted whereby such students would be permitted to get that
training elsewhere. That's it. No one was forced to learn it and perform it,
and no one who wanted to learn it was prevented from doing so. No
institution that didn't want to perform it would be forced to. But those
great and godly purveyors of truth went on television and shouted lies at
the top of their lungs.



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Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013
The New Health Care (Obama care) law H.R. 3590 Also HR 4872 requires all US
citizens to have the RFID implanted 

This evil plan is being launched by America. its a micro chip injected in
your hand. it will contain all your personal data heath and bank accounts
etc. its also a GPS device being monitored. they can deactivate it at any
time if they find you suspicious or not loyal to their government or go
against them or their system and you will lose everything you ever had. soon
this device will be made common just like they did credit cards, turning
paper money into digital money. means nothing is physically in your hand. it
will be made a must for every citizen with time according to their plan and
then they will spread it outside America so they can monitor and control as
many people as they can and turn them into slaves with their digital

this device is the future or slavery

BEWARE of this EVIL DEVICE. if you don't believe me do your own research
before you come to argue or debate.



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