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You don't see this among conservative, church-going police officers, do you?

You know, John, church-going doesn't mean much.  

         That's only your opinion. I doubt that the Holy Father shares your
assessment. I'll also bet your pastor and bishop don't, either. 


I'll bet they agree it pales in comparison to the actions the rest of the
week.  As one who studied many years in a Catholic Seminary, I can attest to

I put far more importance on what a man or woman does during the other 167
hours in the week.  And during that time period, it's really hard to tell.
I don't see much real Christianity, John.  I see and hear a lot of lip
service, a lot of Bible thumping - only used to condemn actions of others,
and the word "Christianity" bandied about to pat ourselves on the back and
to point the finger of accusation at others, but that's about it.

         You need to get out more. Are you involved in the Knights of
Columbus, for example?


You're right.  I need to get out more.  I haven't done enough.  I did eight
years as an altar boy, I did six years in a Catholic Seminary, I did
countless years as an usher, I did it teaching CCD for years, I did it as a
Knight, I did it with CFM, I did it teaching RCIA, and I did it leading a
Confirmation class.  Yep.  I need to get out more and get more involved.
I'm pretty clueless.

Christianity isn't in church on Sunday, not in our words used against
others, and not in the show we put on for others to see.  It's in our
hearts, in our actions, and it's in our attitudes.

         You are preaching to the choir.................

I love the song "And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our
love.  Yes they'll know we are Christians by our love."  (Title of the song
is "We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord", and I do not know to
whom to give credit.)  Well, John, I am still searching for that. Even here.

         If you are looking for the weak-willed and milque-toast attitudes
that believe anything goes - that isn't Christianity! Christ, Himself, said
that He came to divide people, not bring them together! 


Christ is a Title, not a name.  if you're going to try to preach, at least
get it right.


John, Our savior said a lot of things.  But I still hold you are the
greatest Bible thumper in this group when it comes to rationalizing hate,
war, and divisiveness.  He spoke way more often and way more deeply about
love and peace and forgiveness than about dividing, hatred, war, etc. I have
yet to read you cite or even refer to a single such passage.


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