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Stephen A. Frye s.frye at verizon.net
Fri Feb 15 21:56:49 MST 2013

         If you are looking for the weak-willed and milque-toast attitudes
that believe anything goes - that isn't Christianity! Christ, Himself, said
that He came to divide people, not bring them together! 


I wonder, was Jesus a weak-willed milquetoast when he washed the feet of the


Remember, the people of the day wanted victory over their oppressors so that
they could achieve peace.  Jesus turned that around and offered them victory
through peace.  And they killed him for it.  Are we really any different
today.  Look how we all respond to messages of peace, love, and forgiveness.
All we want to do is crush anyone who disagrees with our way of life, or
whom we perceive as a threat to our way of life.  Jesus forgave his
murderers while suffering on the cross.  We can't seem to offer an iota of
compassion when watching on TV.


And I'm no better.  Not at all.  But we need to try.  Maybe if we really all
stepped back just a moment - and all took our blinders off - we might catch
a brief glimpse of the greater infinity waiting for us.  And we don't wait
for someone else to do it first.  Maybe just baby steps.  But that's a
weak-willed milquetoast attitude.  There are people to hate, wars to fight,
fellow men to accuse and condemn.


On the old "forgive seventy times seven times", well, I think I am still on
number three, but I am really trying to do four.  I doubt I'll make five in
my life time.  But I want to try.  I really, really want to try to spend as
much time loving and forgiving and pursuing peace as I do pursuing their
opposites.  Most times it's hard to keep my mouth shut.  But that's the old
weak-willed milquetoast attitude again.


Can't seem to shake it.  Guess I don't really want to.

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