[Rushtalk] Is this NBC skit about Jesus pure BLASPHEMY?

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NBC skit has Jesus on murderous rampage

'He may be wearing sandals, but He can still kick a--'

Published: 5 hours ago
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NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” spoofed famous 
Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino over the 
weekend with a gruesomely violent, fictitious 
movie trailer about Jesus wreaking bloody revenge 
upon the Romans who killed him.

“He’s risen from the dead,” the parody’s 
voiceover intones, “and He’s preaching anything 
but forgiveness. He may be wearing sandals, but He can still kick a–.”

The parody then re-enacts a number of Tarantino’s 
scenes, only with “Jesus,” “St. Peter” and other 
biblical characters shooting, beating and slicing 
their victims, all while sprays of blood splatter the screen.

“Jesus? O sh–!” shouts one victim about to suffer 
Jesus’ wrath. “Chill, man, chill!”

To which the “Jesus” character responds, “When 
you get to heaven, say ‘hi’ to my dad,” before 
blowing a melon-sized hole in the man’s torso.

Tarantino has a reputation for creating 
blood-splattered and violent films, including 
“Pulp Fiction,” the “Kill Bill” series, 
“Inglorious Basterds” and the most recent “Django 
Unchained,” each of which was spoofed in the 
parody movie trailer titled “Djesus Uncrossed.”

Guest host Christoph Waltz, who won an Academy 
Award for his role in “Inglorious Basterds,” 
played the part of “Djesus” in the SNL trailer.

The voiceover bills the fake movie as “the 
ultimate historical revenge fantasy.”

Stone called the SNL spoof trailer “stunning, in 
the best way possible 
 a spot-on send-up of 
Quentin Tarantino’s films, where Jesus (Waltz) 
rises from the dead, cuts down armies of Romans 
with swords and Uzis and leaves behind equal 
amounts hilarious blood and hilarious one-liners. 
Every last line in this gory sketch was written 
with impeccable sophistication.”

movie critic Drew Zahn, however, found it something less than “impeccable.”

“I’m reminded of the line from Steve Martin’s 
‘Cheaper by the Dozen,’ when he declared his 
children’s pranks to be ‘wrong – funny, but 
wrong,’” Zahn said. “Yes, the parody is well 
made, and yes, Tarantino is ripe for a spoof just 
like this. Shoot, I can even see the humor in it. 
But its subject matter can only be described with one word: blasphemous.

“If anything in our PC culture should be 
considered obviously offensive, this is it,” Zahn 
continued. “Can you imagine the uproar that would 
occur if SNL made a parody, ‘Muhammad Unleashed?’ 
People at NBC would be losing their jobs. The 
‘sensitivity police’ would be out in full force. 
It would cause international outcry.

“I just have to believe that if God gifted these 
actors and writers with such a gift for humor and 
wit,” Zahn concluded, “that He intended it for 
nobler purposes than mocking His Son.”

The parody trailer can be seen below (Editor’s 
note: Contains extreme violence and language that 
may be offensive to some viewers):

Christian TV host and best-selling author Ray 
Comfort said, “I wonder if the funny folks at 
‘Saturday Night Live’ know that Muslims believe 
in Jesus Christ, and that they might not like one 
of their prophets being mocked in a blasphemous skit.”

Comfort said that according to Islam-guide: 
“Muslims respect and revere Jesus (peace be upon 
him). They consider him one of the greatest of 
God’s messengers to mankind.”  While they don’t 
believe, as Christians do, that Jesus is God in 
human form, they do revere Him and believe that 
He performed miracles: “He was sent by God to us 
as a Messenger, to deliver to us the Bible and to 
guide humanity to the right path. God gave Jesus 
the ability to perform numerous miracles so that 
his people would believe him and follow his 
teachings. These miracles include curing the 
diseased, giving sight to the blind and even raising the dead.”

Comfort went on to warn, “If Muslims threaten a 
man with death simply because he drew a cartoon 
of a prophet, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers 
and actors might like to think twice if they plan 
a second spoof because the first mocking clip was so well-received.”

He added, “Take a moment to try and think of any 
human being in history, whose name has been so 
hated it has been so mocked and even adopted as 
profanity. Think of Gandhi, Hitler, Mother 
Teresa, Churchill, Mussolini, Muhammad, Buddha, 
Rasputin, Castro, or Lincoln.  No human being, 
living or dead, good or evil, has had such a 
thing happen; no human being except one. Only the 
Name of Jesus is used internationally to cuss. 
You will hear it commonly used in movies to 
express disgust. You will hear it on television, 
on the radio, in songs, in the newspapers, in 
books and magazines, on the Internet, and in 
everyday speech throughout the world.”

Is NBC's spoof of vengeance by Jesus offensive?
    * No, it's funny! Lighten up, people
    * No, it's more a spoof of Tarantino than of Jesus
    * No, it' actually somewhat Scriptural, as 
the Bible clearly says, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord"
    * No, people need to stop getting "offended" so easily
    * No, the farce of Christianity deserves a sound mocking
    * No, "Saturday Night Live" is in the business of mocking all things
    * No
    * I'm not offended, but I could see why some other would be
    * I may not be a Christian, but I do think 
it's insensitive to mock other people's religions
    * Yes, it disparages everything Jesus taught and did
    * Yes, it's typical of the double standard 
whereby the media have declared open season on Christianity
    * Yes, it's obvious Satan is in control of his media minions
    * Yes, it's blasphemous, and God will not be mocked
    * Yes, and NBC would never dare mock Muhammad in such a way
    * Yes, but if Jesus can forgive, so can I
    * Yes
    * Other

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