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         Soledad O'Brien is a female punk - a twit, a trouble-maker 
with a strong liberal bent. But, what do you expect for someone named 
after a notorious/infamous federal penitentiary?

At 12:01 AM 2/23/2013, Richard Whitenight wrote:
>Soledad O'Brien is ending her morning-show contract with CNN and is 
>moving on to form her own documentary production company that will 
>supply the network with programming on a nonexclusive basis.
>O'Brien's departure has been coming for some time. Even before 
>president Jeff Zucker took over in January, he said he planned to 
>cancel O'Brien's program, "Starting Point."
>CNN hasn't formally announced the details for a new morning show to 
>replace O'Brien's.
>Zucker has already said, though, that the show will be co-hosted by 
>Chris Cuomo, who recently left ABC, and many network sources believe 
>CNN prime-time host Erin Burnett will join him.
>O'Brien's new company, Starfish Media Group, will produce long-form 
>content for other networks and partners, according to a statement on 
>website. She said the venture will allow for programming that 
>examines under-the-radar stories.
>"The new partnership opportunity allows me to focus on what I love 
>to do the most, and to focus on the next stage of my career, owning 
>my own work," she said, "At CNN, I am grateful to have been able to 
>tell often underreported stories and confront difficult topics. In 
>the new production venture, I will continue to shine a light on what 
>we all find most interesting about America."
>O'Brien expanded on her move in an interview with the Hollywood 
>Reporter: "We will produce movies-of-the-week, we'll produce films, 
>we'll produce scripted TV, nonscripted TV, documentaries, 
>curriculum, public events.
>"The idea is to get some of these stories that fly under the radar 
>to be the focus of a conversation, and we can sort of take a brand 
>that's been very successful and leverage that a bit."
>She will produce two installments of her "Black in America" series 
>for CNN, but she is now a free agent who will produce documentaries 
>for other networks.
>"Starting Point" was one of CNN's lowest-rated shows, attracting an 
>average of just around 234,000 viewers a day last year, marking 
>CNN's smallest morning audience in a decade.
>O'Brien, though, said she was proud of the show and her tough 
>interviews, saying, "We became relevant in an important election."
>Republican guests and viewers, though, saw her confrontational style 
>differently, saying it reflected her liberal bias. John Sununu, a 
>frequent guest on the show, told Politico late last year he counted 
>O'Brien as one of the "triumvirate" of Obama spokeswomen: "There's 
>Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Stephanie Cutter, and Soledad O'Brien."
>O'Brien, meanwhile, said the show never got "a ton of support" from 
>the network, but it was still able to drive stories. In addition, 
>even though she is working with the new production company, she 
>remains open to appearing on-camera on other networks in the future.
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