[Rushtalk] Fwd: Nullification deniers! What James Madison Really said.

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Sun Feb 24 01:56:41 MST 2013

         From "Publius Huldah", a retired female attorney from the south:

>Dear all,
>The "establishment conservatives" are not telling the truth about 
>My latest paper gives you all you need to smackdown the nullification deniers:
>Many of you are readers of News with Views, so I usually wait to 
>contact you until my work has been published there. I sent this 
>paper in, of course, but it still has not been published there. So 
>I'm showing you where it has been published.
>The paper is long, but WE ARE NOT BEING TOLD THE TRUTH BY THE 
>ESTABLISHMENT "CONSERVATIVES"! They are telling us we are obligated 
>to submit to whatever the supreme Court decides. But that is False.
>I also provide a complete overview of the purpose of Our 
>Constitution, and how and when we got perverted.
>And do post your questions or comments! Nullification by The States 
>is the route we must follow.
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